if god isn't real, then how do leaves stay on trees even though there is gravity. Wouldn't gravity make the leaves fall off the trees? amirite?
@Wait, that makes no sense, shouldn't air and molecules be moving downward because of gravity? and the force of...

All right OP, because you are a smart 14 year old that goes to a 'respectable private school' I have an idea for you that might just enlighten you. Go to your science teacher and ask him/her why exactly the birds can stay in the air, leaves of the tree stay, and 'why air isn't pushed down'; come back onto this site and tell us what they said and what you think.

There are some words you just cannot spell, amirite?

I can't spell deffinitly or definitaly or defanitaly I mean definitely.

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't change anything about my past, because everything that's happened has shaped who I am today. amirite?

But what if your past shaped you to be the bad/terrible person one could be today?

I'm in love with my girlfriend of a year but we now live in two different states on different sides of the country. I'm 14. My life is fucked, amirite?

I'm sorry you actually feel like that, it's pathetic. YOU'RE 14 GET OVER THIS PLEASE.

Even Though You Do Not Like Justin Bieber, You still Sort Of Want To See His Movie When It Comes Out. Amirite?

Your post somehow combined all of my pet peeves into one awful attempt-at-sounding-intelligent sentence.

If the Olympics are every 4 years than how do they even compete with the big sports events that are every year like the Superbowl? amirite?

Wow. Just, wow.

What would happen if you covered the ground with an invisibility cloak? Amirite?

Dirt. You'd see dirt. There, your question is answered. You're all welcome.

The absolute worst part of the movie is when you run out of popcorn, amirite?

And the worst part of the popcorn is the price.

Animal testing should be illegal, Amirite?

It should be legal if it's medical research, not for lip gloss.

Girls, we have a right to spend $150 on shoes, $200 on hair, be loud, dress up, and take a few pics of ourselves.. and if a guy calls you high maintance he's just admitting he is not worth your time. amirite?

No, we really don't 'have the right' to do that. And yes, That is high maintenance.

Why do peoples care so much if young peoples like 10 yrs olds go on amirite?!? We DO NOT bother anyone. if u do not like 10 year olds on amirite then dont go on amirite, amirite?

It seems to me that ten year olds don't know that there is a 'y' and an 'o' on the keyboard, so the just write u.

Why can't people just drink water in the ocean? There is a bunch of it out there!! Stupid people don't know the ocean is made up of one-trillion+ H20!! amirite?

Oh my God.

Technically, a girl cannot rape a guy. First of all, guys are naturally stronger than girls so they could easily push them off. Also, a guy would have to get hard to do it, and that would mean he wants it. Amirite?

Am I the only one noticing that OP's user name is SexKitten?

You know that a book or movie is really good when you feel dazed when it's over, amirite?


Someone need to start a revolution for world peace. It should be something big as Albert Hitler did. Something that just kills everyone of those blacks who look gangsta and rapping and threatening and ugly looking. Exterming blacks would drastically decrease like 80% percent of our worlds crime and rape and murder and drugs, amirite?

Omfg you guys! You don't know that Albert is Adolf's brother? .......