It is possible to get your virginity back after you have lost it

how? xD after you loose it and you go and you take someone else's virginity?! xD

A person deserves the right to voluntary euthenasia if he/she is of age and: A: is terminally ill. B: is chronically incapable of caring for him/herself for any reason. C: is clinically depressed. If you choose other please explain in comments

youth in asia!

Smoking should be made illegal, amirite?

everything should be legal as long as it doesnt come in conflict with other ppl.
do what you do as long as you dont bother others....if you want shoot smack but dont do it publicly and dont get others to try it. this is how i see it.

You're not scared of being "Forever Alone", you're just scared of settling for the wrong person. not worried about settling with a wrong person. if it is, it wont come to settling. what im wondering is if i will find a person that truly matches my character

All songs today have to do with sex, money, and partying. When will someone write a song about pineapples or something, amirite? stop listening to the commercial crap then.

yeah..but it would be nice to know they are there.. xD

People saying that if God was allowed in schools then the Connecticut shooting wouldn't have happened are ridiculous, amirite?

what?! god's got nothing to do with it!

Sometimes, you just gotta draw something, no matter how terrible you are at it, amirite?

hihihih ithis dragon/dinosaur has got that ribbon ting that ballet dancers got xD

Girls: Wearing your favorite pair of underwear gives you a little more confidence, amirite?
@VicZinc I feel confident when I wear any of your underwear.

hahahahah XD didnt think i'd read a comment like this one.

At least once in your life, you've heard a song so well done and atmospheric, that your brain automatically conjures a "video scene" that would fit the song perfectly.

This is got more to do with your mental state at the current time than the song's quality and scenery.. its just a trigger for your mind to "open up".

You tell yourself that you don't care what people think, but yet it hurts when a lot of people disagree with your post. Amirite? Really, am I? Because I'm feeling really insecure right now, like I've always been wrong over everything.

yeah kind of...or when nobody votes or comments on your opinion

You've had a hot math teacher, amirite?

all of em were ol' n shriveled

There is no force in the world more powerful than love, amirite?

greed, jealousy, death, drug craving/withdrawal symptoms....unclear weapons xD the police....

What motivated you (not) to have babies?

..them things screaming and shoutin..not letting you sleep....on the other hamd when this bby grows up and starts nagging and wanting-ball breaker and in general-i see having a family (at this point-for me at least) as a drag down. financially and freedomwise. plus i aint ready for this shit.

The brightest lights cast the darkest shadows. This is true literally, but also makes for a great metaphor, amirite?

the shadow's intensity is determined by the distance of the light source and object from the screen/wall :D couldn't agree with you xD