Eggs aren't free range, the chicken that laid them is. amirite?

If the egg was laid on a free range ...then is the egg found in the free range not a free range chicken egg?

The closest thing in front of you is the farthest behind you, amirite?

Well yes but actually no

If Timmy Turner was a teenager at the time, he would've wished for something completely different, amirite?

And we da and cosmo would have closed they're eyes cause of the horrifying scene.

We've probably seen & interacted with countless ghosts throughout our lives but don't know it because they weren't the stereotypical, "scary, demon look alike." They appeared & acted like any other human. amirite?

Never hear of, nor experienced such things before. I try to limit myself to only believing things once I've experienced them before, unless abundant factual information is presented.

More people online have seen more weddings in movies than have actually been to real weddings. amirite?

Nobody invites me to any =(

Punished Crunch

Cinnamon Toast Terror

Water just hits different when you drink it from something easy and nice to drink from, amirite?

Straight from the urethra of numerous attractive, educated, and financially stable women, all of whom, are addicted to sex.

John Wick killing three people with a pencil sounds more impressive than killing three people in hand-to-hand combat. amirite?

More than one way to fill someone with lead!

Women would never reveal that they know how to apply makeup well. amirite?

Before Youtube:

Friends, family, fashion magazines.

After Youtube:

Youtube, friends, family, fashion magazines.