It's really hard to type in Pig Latin, amirite?
Coca Cola is probably the only reason why the company that makes Mentos is still in business, amirite?

fruit mentos are the bomb

Spending $0.99 on an app on your phone seems like way more money than it actually is. amirite?

To be fair if I spend money on an app and I don't like it im not gonna use it and I'm out $0.99.

Considering it's pretty much a religion I doubt they have sex

We might see a second baby boom coming. amirite?

You mean the Coronials?

Every male born from the years 2010-2024 is technically an Alpha male. If they are born from 2025-2039, they are a Beta male. amirite?
Water just hits different when you drink it from something easy and nice to drink from, amirite?

Straight from the urethra of numerous attractive, educated, and financially stable women, all of whom, are addicted to sex.

If you die in a dream and wake up immediately after, technically you got knocked into conscious. amirite?

I knocked myself conscious the other night hitting my head on my night stand. Immediately went back out though.

We've probably seen & interacted with countless ghosts throughout our lives but don't know it because they weren't the stereotypical, "scary, demon look alike." They appeared & acted like any other human. amirite?

Never hear of, nor experienced such things before. I try to limit myself to only believing things once I've experienced them before, unless abundant factual information is presented.

No one could have predicted that one guy eating a bat would make the stock market crash, amirite?

They probably could since that's been the source of many viral outbreaks in the past.

More people online have seen more weddings in movies than have actually been to real weddings. amirite?

Nobody invites me to any =(

Punished Crunch

Cinnamon Toast Terror

If you think about it, synthwaves such as HOME Resonance and Sun are the drugs of music. They may you feel good, causes you to destress, and can be addicting. amirite?
@I mean not necciseraly for everyone, it depends on music taste.

Yes, but synth waves in particular give a feeling of nostalgia which is also relaxing. Good point though.

If Timmy Turner was a teenager at the time, he would've wished for something completely different, amirite?

And we da and cosmo would have closed they're eyes cause of the horrifying scene.