A true leader has the ability of talking for hours without actually saying anything at all. amirite?

That's a pompous self obsessed idiot who has been promoted above his/her capability

The adjective "indescribable" is a paradox. amirite?
If Timmy Turner was a teenager at the time, he would've wished for something completely different, amirite?

Mental stability and happiness?

Just mentioning the fourth wall in a TV show or movie, breaks it. amirite?

Breaks what?

If humans can smell when it's going to rain dogs/animals can also probably smell when there's going to be a earthquake/natural disaster, amirite?
If a compass faces south, it is facing the north, just the loooonnngg way around, amirite?

It's still south

Turn off autocorrect on your phone. Look how much harder it is to type. And we always complain about autocorrect. amirite?
@Sybersonic I dont even have autocorrect on.

Yah wgo needd atoucorrxt thayt shut sicks

Hiring a dog walker is akin to hiring a wife-love-maker, amirite?
Vegans and bacon crisps, amirite?

I eat them if they're vegan. There are a couple.
They're basically just paprika flavor

Every male you see is producing sperm. amirite?

Okay but you seriously didn't think about younger kids

A tree died not knowing it will wipe your ass one day, amirite?

Are you saying logging companies should travel around with a dryad to announce to trees the precise reason for their eventual death? I'm on board

All guys love at least 1 dick, amirite?
Everything is based on luck, amirite?
The flash can't walk on water. amirite?
Getting shot is most likely a once in a lifetime experience, amirite?