Because her worth as a person directly correlates with how "bangable" she is.

Americans: If you are going to travel to Europe, it'd be a good idea to pretend to be Canadian, amirite?
You used to make your Barbies or Bratz dolls have sex, but didn't want to admit it to anyone, amirite?

I also used to make my Barbies commit horrible crimes like murder or child abuse, then I made a noose around their neck and I hanged them. I was a morbid child :/

Rebecca is gonna get down to Wal-Mart on Black Friday, amirite?
@That played automatically when I clicked the post and it scared the shitttt out of me. i was like what is this...

Me too! I was listening to Nirvana and then I hear this nasally-Sarah Palin voice in the background and I was like "what the fuck?"

If you're pro choice then just because you're pro choice doesn't mean you would ever get an abortion, you just respect that it's the right decision for some people, amirite?

I'm very pro-choice though I personally could never get one. I am an extremely maternal person but my personal preference should not be a law that everyone needs to follow.

If your parent showed up to one of your sporting events in a Snuggie, you would pretend not to know them, amirite?

Unless you're a MLIA-er. o.O

You agree your a slut if you lost your virginity drunk, amirite?

My god, why is everyone so eager to label everyone else a slut nowadays? It doesn't matter what state someone loses their virginity in or whether or not someone is promiscuous. That's no one's business but their own; you don't have to worry about having the responsibility of being the goddamn slut and whore label-maker. I don't see a problem with promiscuity as long as everyone's safe. Just because someone chooses to have a different life style than you doesn't mean that yours is superior.

You kinda think Shakira's bones are made of rubber, amirite?

And those hips don't lie.

My parents knew each other for 1 month, dated for 2 weeks, and have been married for 20 years. You just never know when two people are meant to be together. So society should just shut it when it comes to setting rules on how long two people should wait before getting married. Let the two partners figure it out for themselves. amirite?

I agree. It depends on the people.
My parents aren't the best examples of this though. They knew each other 6 months, got married, had a couple of kids, mom tried to cut off my dad's penis then cheated on him, they got divorced and now only experience pure, unadultered hate for each other.

When you were younger you would put your barbie's face next to ken's face and pretend they were kissing. Maybe you would even make kissing sounds, amirite?

I'd just put my two Barbies together and make them kiss.

It is so sad how some schools in the US are under fire and getting sued for making us stand for the pledge of allegiance, If you cant take 5 minutes to pay respect to our country, Why not just piss on my friends grave who died from driving over an IED while on duty last year, amirite?

Some people don't stand for the pledge because of religious reasons. I've known Atheists who don't want to stand because of the "One Nation Under God" part and they don't think it's fair to have to be associated with a religion/spirituality they don't believe in because church and state are supposed to be separate and mentioning God in the pledge of allegiance violates that. On the other hand, I've known people who don't stand because they want to pledge their allegiance to God and not to a symbol and/or a nation.

Even without the religious connotation, some don't stand because they feel that there isn't "liberty and justice for all" since gay marriage is illegal and the lack of gay rights in the States.

Personally, I have never been one for patriotism. I feel it divides people so that they see each other for where they're from rather than fellow human beings. But hey, that's just me.

@ContinuityMistake Because her worth as a person directly correlates with how "bangable" she is.

Exactly, and her constant sexualizing of herself is not helping that situation. When people see women degrading themselves, it's assumed that that's the appropiate way to view women. Which it's not, obviously.

Hate is hate whether it's in cyberspace or not and it's annoying when people think cyber bullying isn't real bullying, amirite?

The internet is just a new place for bullying to manifest. There's nothing new about cyberbullying except that it takes place over a computer instead of face-to-face.

One of your fears is one day passing on your bad habits like swearing and talking about sex on to your kids. But a bigger fear is having that be normal for the rest of society. amirite?

Eh, whatever, teenagers are always going to talk and think a lot about sex. Everyone goes through it and eventually grows out of it. Same thing with swearing. I don't think either thing is too big a deal.
But hey, who could blame 'em? Sex is fucking awesome.

It really bugs you when you have a friend on Facebook who adds all your other friends, and they don't even know them. amirite?

I told my friend the name of my crush, she added him, saved his facebook pictures, found his number and overall just stalks him. She's never met him.