You've lied to your dentist before, amirite?

"Oh, so where do you go to school?"

One of the simplest ways to stay happy is letting go of the things that make you sad, amirite?

One of the hardest things is when they won't let go of you.

It would suck if your dad told you a story about how he met your mother and it was an equivalent of 8 seasons, 168 episodes that were in 30 minute intervals. Also, everytime he'd lead you on to believing that's how he met your mother is really just another plot twist or a cliche cliffhanger of a really long tedious story, amirite?

More like a TEDious story.

Right everyone?!




It's ridiculous to claim Obama is taking away freedom of religion because he's for birth control and abortion and those things are against your religion. You still have the freedom to not get those things, he's not forcing you to break your religion, amirite?

The existence or legality of birth control and abortion isn't what's being considered an abridgment to religious freedom. They've been around long before this campaign. It's the fact that Obama wants to make it obligatory for religious institutions to pay for abortion-inducing drugs and birth control that's the threat to religious freedom.

I can't believe we lost Neil Armstrong in the same week that he was stripped of all of his awards. Despite this controversy, he will forever be remembered for his coarse voice and his skill on the trumpet, amirite?

Don't forget his amazing skills on guitar. Green Day won't be the same without him.

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It is really odd, but there's always that one person you know who seems to start every conversation with, "you haven't heard a word I said." Amirite?
It is really odd, but there's always that one person you know who seems to start every conversation with, "you haven't heard a word I said." Amirite?
@Thumper Strange, my girlfriend has a habit of doing that

You think that's bad? Mine does this stupid thing all the time where she just doesn't exist.

A lot of people are mad at the Pope for aborting his duties, but I feel like it's his body and he should be able to choose.

I find that stepping down because you feel unfit for the role is far wiser than continuing to wield tremendous power while at the same time having your mind grow weary.

His duty is to the church and if he can't fulfill that role, the best thing to do is to let an able bodied cardinal take over.

This pope made the right call.

You've never sniffed the back of your cell phone. amirite?

It smells like teen spirit.

It's awkward when you're babysitting and the parent(s) come home drunk, amirite?

"Sooo... you guys said you'd give me an extra twenty when you got back..."

It is fascinating how language evolves. Words can take on brand new meanings over time. Glamour used to mean a type of magic tricking people's senses. Now, it means makeup and coture. Gay used to mean happy. Now it means homosexual. Lame used to mean disabled in some way. Now it means unhip. So bizarre how we get from point a to b, amirite?

People without hips are disabled too.

If you got awarded a Nobel Prize in which field would you like it to be for ?

The peace prize is worthless, Obama got one for god sake !

It's cool to think about what amirite users could be or have done; they could be one of the top athletes in their country, a chess master, have climbed Mt. Everest, a child genius, rich, or famous and we have no idea, amirite?

I (read a book about someone who) climbed Mount Everest.

President Obama would destroy Bush in an election

Only because people like Obama more than they like Bush. The only difference between them is Bush made himself look like a complete doofus while Obama is a better public speaker who knows how to manipulate voters with catchy phrases and empty promises.

It would be helpful if each city came with a guide for people who had just moved in so they don't have to look stupid in front of locals. "New residents should invest in close-toed shoes and watch out for ants every spring. Commonly used make-out spots include the junkyard and riverside park, and we have an inside joke involving doughnuts due to a drunk man who accidentally dialed our local radio station.", amirite?