About me.

Ok, I'm Kaya and I'm 16. I'm not tall. I drink quite a lot. I love everything about my friends. I'm quite intelligent, I just seem pretty dim.. I get angry real easily. I cry when I'm frustrated. I draw a lot. I hate fakes. I dye my hair quite a lot. I'm not labelled. I like to sing, I don't really care where I am or who's there I just start singing whenever. I love to be in only my underwear. I get into a lot of arguments over nothing at all. I have a sarcastic sence of humour. I'm self-concious, so I pretend I don't give a rip what people say, but I do really. Simple? Not really.. I have a real talent for making things complicated. I think thats all. THANKYOU, COME AGAIN :)