If a guy gets caught naked, he only has one thing to cover, but if it happens to a girl, we have to decide what we want to cover, amirite?
A one piece bathing suit automatically makes a chick 2 points less hot, amirite?
It's funny how I can voluntarily work for free, but if someone pays me four bucks an hour for the same work, it's not legal anymore. amirite?
‎Why can’t rappers just say nice things? Like, “I wanna take your clothes off and hang them up in the closet real nice." amirite?
You think that sweet Australia banner I made is sweet, amirite?
@swimlax What if God was the athlete's inspiration? What if Tebow only worked hard to get to the NFL to spread his message...

He can praise any thing he wants, I could give less of a fuck. But as soon as he does it out in the public, that immediately makes him an ass hole.

You like your women like you like your leaves, dead and raked in a pile? Amirite?

And wet.

Nobody likes whorish olive oil, amirite?
@Ok, yesterday I royally messed up the list so this is a...

The list of people of who you secretly want to fuck, too bad I already beat you to it. hello smilie

Babies just smell good....Amirite?

And so tasty

Girls (and guys who shave their legs): you know summers over when you have grown out hair shorts, amirite?
Adele sucks, amirite?

talk to your negative score about it

I should talk to my ex-boyfriend, amirite?

Talk to him immediately and ask him about marriage.

There's at least one body part that you just find generally unattractive, amirite?
Alvin and the Chipmunks should have been over after their first film (2007). amirite?
@FeliciaDaeHU Either way, the films need to stop. I'm going to flip a table if they come up with a 4th one.

And if I see another Youtube video that has to do with the Chipmunks singing in their high pitched voices, shit is going to fucking happen.

Never. It's the students responsibility to get good grades and in the future, they're going to benefit from it somehow. Plus, where are they going to get that sort of money from? & sure, it might give some sort of motivation in the beginning, but later it's going to fuck them up. They'll be so used to this motivation, they'll think that's how it is when they enter the real world.

I'm not understanding why students are so greedy and are always wanting more. They're already getting a free education for primary, middle, and high school. They should be happy with that.

We all know that in ten years, we're going to look back at Lady Gaga and say to ourselves, "what were we on?", amirite?
@Why? Lady Gaga is genuinely talented, it's just masked by all the shit they do with her voice and obnoxious music...

If it weren't for her crazy costumes, I doubt she'd be as popular and well liked. Sometimes I feel like she tries too hard to be noticed like when she put that meat dress on. ono smilie