About me.

I suck at these things so I'll just give y'all a few random facts.

1. I hate socks. Despise the things.
2. I'm a lefty (: but learn everything right-handed :(
3. I live in a small town. It has it's ups and downs.
4. I'm a band Geek :D
5. Lime green is my favorite color
6. I'm extremely sarcsatic. It gets me in trouble alot.
7. Most of the time I don't think before I speak.
8. I don't usually enjoy the company of those my age. They're rude and immature.
9. I would rather go to the lake than the beach. Just my preferance
10. Contrary to #8 I'll talk to just about anyone, so send me a message :D
11. I'm country, and if you ever here me speak you'll probably more than once make fun of my accent
12.I'm the most impatient patient person you will ever meet.