Pubic hair is lovely, but it's even better when it's public hair, amirite?
@It's a wish I wish I could have had granted :(

My wish is to have people favorite my posts? It's actually for people to love my comments, my love/comment ratio is awful.

You use pornhub for porn. amirite?

No, I mainly use it for shopping.

When life gives you melons, you end up working at hooters, amirite?
@OFWGKTA A- list porn movie featuring Tiger Woods

A-list porn movie featuring Tiger Woods as a straight-shooting black plastic surgeon struggling to overcome oppression in a hospital dominated by the white old boys club and their wives with abnormally large breasts. Tiger has to break down racial barriers with his charisma, charm, and intelligence. And his big black cock.


Honestly, I just don't think amirite is the site for it. I'm sure plenty of people would disagree, and I'm probably not the target demographic, but to me it seems like a way for people to showcase bad drawing abilities, since any actual art would be better displayed elsewhere.

If you were to hide Horcuxes, you wouldn't put them in places with meaning that could possibly clue others into finding the rest. You would hide them in random countries and in parking lots, amirite?
@invisiblegirl But it wouldn't break unless someone had basilisk venom all over their tires.

Wait, not everybody slathers their tires in basilisk venom before going out?

Harry Potter pick-up lines are the best kind, amirite?
Darth Vader is still single because he's looking for love in Alderaan places, amirite?

Huh, I always thought it was because he strangled his girlfriend and then abandoned her.

It would be an awesome super power if you could look at anyone and automatically make them shit their pants. amirite?

Awesome superpowers: Invulnerability, superspeed, teleportation, laserbeams, healing factor.

Incredibly lame superpowers: The ability to spawn squirrels, the ability to cook fish perfectly at will, the ability to solve simple math problems, the ability to spit abnormally long distances, the ability to look at people and make them shit their pants.

It feels great to take off that Hollister tee after a long day of being a prick, amirite?
Remember, if you smoke after sex, you're doing it too fast, amirite?
@Serg You suck at commenting, man. That wasn't even funny. Just go away.

ono smilie That wasn't even funny when Nonsense_Narwhal did it, and it isn't funny now.

Pubic hair is lovely, but it's even better when it's public hair, amirite?
It would be horrible to be a pregnant woman at planned parenthood and lock your keys in your car, because it would be awkward to go inside and ask for a hanger, amirite?

Or if you were a pregnant woman at a session of How To Not Lock Your Keys In Your Car and you suddenly felt the urge to abort your baby using a coat hanger.

@Favvkes cat*

You're not even on mobile. Did you just mold your surgically removed fat into the shape of a cat because your real cats abandoned you, sick of being constantly forced to pose for unfunny jokes, and in your haste to get a well positioned comment forget the distinction?

Girls: Don't be insecure about the size of your breasts. Look on the bright side, at least people won't confuse them with mountains, amirite?
@xiofang I always find myself ashamed to judge girls based on their breast sizes... but then again most of the time they are...

Wow, now I don't even need to talk to girls to know what they're like. I can just stare at their tits like I always do.