Rebels almost always win civil wars,amirite?
Circumcising babies and infants should be outlawed. It should be a choice what a male does with his own penis, amirite?

If circumcision is outlawed so should getting your kids hair cut, or making any decisions for your baby. Plus circumcision is safer and more sanitary

No matter what your belief, it's very disrespectful to laugh at a religion and call the people stupid and naive for believing in 'fairy tales'. Joking occasionally is fine because it's harmless, but trying to prove you're better and smarter than somebody because they believe in something you don't is rediculous. amirite?

To be honest I think that Religion (I have none) is a beautiful thing.

atheists make you mad,amirite?
athiests make you mad,amirite?

i just did i have a habit of it if you look at my comments

It's a good thing you can't get arrested for reckless driving on a golf course, amirite?
It's cute when European boys and girls attempt to speak English. amirite?

Be more specific, 5 countries in Europe do speak English.

atheists make you mad,amirite?

you said shoaving religion down your throat pisses you off i take that offenseivly (excuse my english)

it's impossible to make your hand a fist and move it back and forth while your mouth it open, amirite?

every ine that tried it got T.R.O.L.L.E.D

If you didn't know Spencer killed Allison before tonight's Pretty Little Liars episode You know now, amirite?

ive read the books it spencer dumbass

One man's trash is another man's treasure more often than one man's treasure is another man's trash, amirite?

How can it be more often? They mean the same things.

It is nearly impossible to write a sentence without the letter 'E', amirite?

If you think about it it's not.

Isn't it amazing how the incredible series of events that is existence has led us to this very moment? billions of people covering this tiny rock floating in an infinite nothing, yet we have this amazing tool that allows us to conjure up thoughts and turn them into mind-warping and awe-inspiring realities, yet all while this is happening we let the minds of evil men poison and manipulate our free will and imagination. O life you are mysterious and truly peculiar. amirite?

I was very impressed, but then I saw O instead of Oh.


or maybe i just know