losing my marbles (dementia), greater possibility of incontinence, joints wearing out and in need of replacement, losing my independence, loneliness, hopefully I'll side step these.

People who are supporting Roseanne have forgotten how really disgusting she really is. Not funny at all. Where was Trump's outcry about her trashing the national anthem, but instead he goes after kneeling. Trump and Barr belong together!

Didn't Roseanne come out about MKUltra in Hollywood?

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I'm surprised they've given her a show, she must be back in the loop, she said she was on Ambien, drugs are as good as anyway to control people, maybe if they destroy her this way by bringing her back into the limelight then getting her to destroy herself, they may hope that people disbelieve every thing she says. They normally do this to stars that speak out, look what happened to Joan Rivers.

You are only allowed to protest peacefully, anything else and you'll be arrested.

Name three things the world needs NOW.

1. Awareness

2. Awareness

3. Awareness

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Sorry most of this has gone over my head, maybe it's because I'm in my forties, I like socks they keep my feet warm.
Sorry to hear that about your family members Rooster, unfortunately these sites can get clicky and it's a shame as to what has happened because new people bring something fresh.

If I go to hell, I will not stop until I am queen!

Lilith is the queen I'm afraid.

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What is your fave vintage sci-fi movie, and why?

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I like the old sinbad movies

Aprés wedding chit chat, anyone? Did the bride have to buy her own dress?

I should imagine the UK tax payer bought it.

I'm with azlotto on the superbikes and Isle of Man TT, I'm going to miss Guy Martin racing, I watch the historic formula one.

What he just flaked out and "cheerio," how sad.

All of my teeth are from a shark who is also a cereal killer.

Common sense appears to be less common these days too.

I think I'd naturally turn my face away and protect my head.

IF you had a psycho stalking you on all your social media and constantly attacking everything you do what would you do?

There are things you can do, change your name on these type of forums and not use your photo. The internet has no rules it can be used by any nutcase and so try to make yourself less vulnerable to the situation after all you wouldn't reveal all to a stranger in the street. Unfortunately, those who would be cowardly in real life, hide behind anonymous here and so their mental illness can wreak havoc here.

Post some Angel songs! As many as you like!