There Are No Rule Against Bringing Fire Extinguisher To Knife Fight, amirite?

there are no rule preventing me from jacking off during knife fight

We all want a girlfriend but some of us are virgins who wouldn't even know what to do if we got 1, amirite?

Honestly man girlfriends have a little more to do than being a virgin but it all comes naturally

Adding the prefix "Shadow-" to any object makes it sound infinitely cooler. amirite?

Shadow. Rectum. Shadow-Rectum.
Damn. You're right!

Since all of us start brushing our teeth from the same side of the mouth every single day!! That side gets the fresh, right off the brush toothpaste and the other one has to do with used and kind of second hand paste. Such Discrimination. amirite?
@I have actually worked out a ten weeks schedule where I rotate beginning tooth to avoid this issue.

I on the other hand tell the discriminated side that life is not fair and you got to suck it up.

It's weird looking at a plant and thinking "we came from the same place", amirite?
'100%' shouldn't even be an option for forecasting a weather event. amirite?

Especially not here in Victoria, Australia, if you have ever experienced Melbourne weather you'd know why.

Someone could be handing out iPhones to Google users without anyone ever believing, amirite?
@404ChompyNotFound Don't you read the reviews on those free iPhone giveaways, they are 10000% legit, with great friendly trustworthy...

Yeah I'd trust the 3 people with the same profile picture with my life especially John Doe he's so nice.