I blew my rape whistle, but nobody came to rape me... Weird, amirite?
Guys: when you wear a hat to school it's not a fashion accessory, you just didn't feel like styling your hair that morning. amirite?

Too bad you're not allowed to wear a hat in school

why spend 5 $ on candy at the movies.. when u can buy it for 1$ at the supermarket. Amirite?

You're not allowed to sneak food or candy into the movies... but I totally do it anyway hehe smilie

Let's play a game to find out about the most liked users on amirite. All you have to do is to list your top 3 favourite users in the comments and from that we'll be able to find out which users are truely the most appreciated of all, amirite?
@Hello071 Best swagger: Polarthebear, Best comments: Bearslayer, Best profile picture: Julian

Now we're going on best profile picture?... not to sound like a arrogant bitch or anything but I kinda like my own.

When you watch movies like How to train your dragon, you realize that being a human today is boring for the most part, amirite?

I don't know... when I watch movies like The Human Centipede or Teeth I'm kinda glad I have a boring life.

In Toy Story 3, ending the movie with the gang burning in the incinerator would have been epic in a sad sort of way. It would have sent a clear message that life does not always have happy endings, and evil is not always avenged, but at least we have friends alongside us the whole way, amirite?

And it would be pretty funny seeing the audience reaction as they see Woody's plastic face melt along with all the other toys. What would the music for the credits be after watching something that depressing? A slowed down sad version of You've got a Friend in Me?

You would be pissed if a guy ran up to you, waved his FBI badge, and took your car from you, amirite?

L.A. Noire haha

It would be hilarious if someone actually slipped on a banana peel, amirite?
How is incest wrong? everyone wants company and whats better then the comfort of your dad who loves you no matter what. hes done so much for you the least you can do is help him out. amirite?

I love my dad and all but... no...

It would be funny if all the registered users were just 5 of Anthony's friends, with multiple accounts, who, using skillz and hax, are pranking him into believing amirite is a success, amirite?


Political correctness is turning the world into overly-sensitive babies, amirite?
@pb55020 yes. i did. and he edited the comment (i'm assuming) i'm not stupid.

I never said you were; and also you shouldn't say the word "stupid" the correct term is "mentally challenged".

Political correctness is turning the world into overly-sensitive babies, amirite?
@pb55020 Can we get some punctuation?

Whoa! You posted that comment at EXACTLY 11:30:00!

Political correctness is turning the world into overly-sensitive babies, amirite?

I totally agree political correctness really makes me satisfaction deprived. I mean, it's so reality challenged and I just want to create a permanent state of metabolic dormancy to whoever came up with political correctness in the first place.

Nobody's never been to Taco Bell, amirite?

I'm too scared to I've heard too many stories of what happened to my friends after they ate Taco Bell.

Criminals who get sentenced to life in prison should just be sent to war. Our tax dollars won't be wasted on them and they can defend the country. amirite?
@dzukac How about countries just don't go to war...

That's a great idea! It's so simple it might just work!