Your pillow is practically your spouse. You sleep with it, hold it close, cry into it when you're sad, scream into it when you're angry, love it at the end of a long day, and wash it when it gets old, amirite?

This post gave me disturbing thoughts about putting my face against my spouse and screaming and then washing her.

If they shut down facebook, people would be roaming the streets in tears , shoving pictures of themselves in other people's faces yelling "DO YOU LIKE THIS?! DO YOU?!", amirite?

Some dude just walks into a restaurant holding a scrabble box and screams, "WHO WANTS TO CHALLENGE ME AT SCRABBLE???"

Or you get into an argument with your friend and they just scream "BLOCKED!" then ignore you forever.

Its kinds sad that America isn't on the list for the top 10 cleanest and smartest countries, amirite?

Just nuke New Jersey and we will be on the list.

You're shocked that Anthony changed his display pic, and you want to know who the chick is... amirite?

Her name is Luigi, she's wearing the L hat for god's sake! How do you NOT know her name?!

I'm American, and I'm sick of people saying America is "the stupidest country in the world." Personally, I think Europe is the stupidest country in the world. amirite?
They've just discovered a planet that is only 20 light years away in a solar system like ours that is about the same size as Earth and the right distance from it's star so that it could have liquid water. The chances of this planet having life are more then 50%. This is the most important discovery of the year, but it will be under reported, amirite?

When I first read this I thought to myself, "Discovery of the year? It's only the beginning of the year!" Then I realized it was October... god this year has gone fast...

It would be funny if all the registered users were just 5 of Anthony's friends, with multiple accounts, who, using skillz and hax, are pranking him into believing amirite is a success, amirite?


People in movies are unrealistically calm when they have guns pointed at their face. You would be way too freaked out to have a levelheaded conversation with the gun holder, amirite?

James Bond says no way to this post!

If guys could no longer say anything perverted, sarcastic, insulting, or obscene, they wouldn't be able to speak. amirite?

This post is SOOOOOOOOOOOO false. Now show me your tits.

If you were granted 3 wishes, having no more acne would probably be one of them. amirite?
@MissAwesomeness Agreed... like maybe ending world hunger

Fuck world hunger! No acne sounds SOOOOOO much better!

For those who are sad Arnold isn't California's governor anymore: don't worry, he'll be back. amirite?

In his farewell speech he should end it with, "Hasta la vista, baby."

You've never actually seen a group of bullies turn over a nerd and shake him until change fell out of his pockets, amirite?

I would love to meet the people who said no way to this post.

It's really annoying whenever a really funny movie comes out, EVERYBODY quotes it and it doesn't become funny anymore, amirite?


If you saw me on the street you would get down on your knees and suck my dick. amirite?


If Dr. Seuss Was Actually a Doctor: Dr. Seuss: I do not like this brownish spot. I do not like this dark black dot. I do not like this odd-shaped mole. I do not like this porous hole. I'd wear more sunblock here and there. I'd wear more sunblock everywhere. It looks as though, I'm sad to say, that you have cancer, here today. Patient: Are you...high? amirite?

Please let this be post of the day... PLEASE let this be post of the day!