The line "I'd catch a grenade for ya" by Bruno Mars may soon become an actual relationships requirement with the way the world is headed at the moment, amirite?

Well, I hope you keep your riots and fights inside the country, but otherwise yes. (Not against the movement, but I wouldn't like it if the whole thing escalated even further in terms of violence.)

The person who holds the record for having sex with the most people was probably forced to. amirite?
Scientists may discover tomorrow that a universe-destroying cataclysm 1 billion light years away happened 1 billion years ago. amirite?

I think about this a lot

IKEA furniture is not difficult to build at all and if you lack the skill to build one you have failed as a human being, amirite?

my family makes me assemble ikea stuff bc they can't read the instructions or just skip steps bc they don't wanna do them and end up having to take everything part and redo it even when i've told them they're doing it wrong. i don't understand how people can be so incredibly stupid and lazy and had to get children to do it for them

Technically your belly button is a scar, amirite?

so is my childhood, what of it?

Carbon is the backbone of all living things. It has 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. The number of the beast is designed into the atomic template of all lifeforms. amirite?
The Roe v wade overturn is great for dudes with sry to nonexistent sex lives, amirite?

yeah im a 43 year old virgin and this whole outrage over abortion just seems so silly to me. these people are so priviledged to even get sex and they are still mad. why cant they just be happy they at least getting sex

You shouldn't be able to play music through a speaker in an apartment, amirite?

This is definitely unpopular, but because it's ridiculous. Let's rephrase it: if you can't afford to live in a detached house, you're not allowed to listen to music out loud.

We're not very creative when it comes to naming sports. amirite?

We're not especially creative at naming anything, just look up your local shopping malls and retirement communities

There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who ate their boogers as kids and those who didn't. amirite?

I refuse to believe anyone falls into the latter category.

If eyes are made of jelly, snot is the peanut butter. amirite?
It's not homo if it's for a Klondike bar, amirite?

Not with that attitude

Cigarettes should be banned outright. No exceptions. amirite?

Time for a ban on Karen's

Obsessed with everyone else's business

In Canada a pack costs 17.50 and the same people smoke still

Who smokes cigarettes?

Poor people

And they smoke no matter what

Who suffers?
Their children, they have less opportunities because it costs 3-5K per year to smoke here

And who profits? The government

They love keeping the little man down and the tobacco companies have no power anymore

When life gets chaotic, the mountains offer refuge: crisp air, silky streams, and the stoic stillness of the evergreens. amirite?
@Openeyes Prefer the part of the mountain where evergreens can't grow.

I never said that. I just said they're stoic, as in emotionless and watchful.

If they wanted, billionaires could easily buy all the gun shops in the U.S. and then close them down. amirite?