"your face" is always a comeback that comes in handy when you cant come up with anything to say, amirite?
you hate when people make fun of your last name, amirite?

aw im sorry guys :( :P but sometimes you just gotta laugh with them too right?

on long car rides you take off your shoes, amirite?

i take off my shoes on short car rides if im wearing flip flops and its not a perfect 500 anymore so you can vote yeah you are!

you knowat least one person with horrible breath, amirite?
who payed for the first money machine? amirite?
the simplest things can be the best things, amirite?
@you mean like masterbation?

(buttsecks muffinz): if you take that as simple then yes

brielle is a very beautiful name, amirite?
how do you change the amirite at the end to be like "Am I Right" instead of "amirite", amirite?
sleepovers= popcorn, movies, prank calling, talking about boys, truth or dare, and doing hair. amirite?

i really dont care whoever disagreed cause it got on the homepage

british accents are hot, amirite?

haha :) thats cool. and hot

you feel like you are wasting your time when youre sitting on the couch in the summer, watching tv, amirite?
don't do drugs, amirite?

and this is one of the comments i hate....if its negative keep it to yourself im trying to prove a point

don't do drugs, amirite?

because some people do do drugs

brielle is a very beautiful name, amirite?
Going to jail, especially for a long time, for something you didn't do would be TERRIBLE, amirite?

psh. really? would it?