I'd have to make a trip to get a baby picture.

So i'm just putting this one..


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Happy Birthday!

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100% agree...

If someone is mad at me because of who i voted for, that's not my problem.

If i got rid of friends every time they did something opposite of me, my only friends would be...Me, Myself and I..

On that note...i know at least 6 people that voted for Obama both times and they voted for Trump this time.....I guess they just felt like becoming racist.. going by that popular labeling logic..

People believe too much bull that the media pumps into them(All of them, one is no better than the other FOX..CNN etc.).

What the majority votes on, is what goes..that's how its always been..

I had to go 8 years with a president i didn't agree with.

I might've complained about it for a little while but i finally accepted it and moved on..

Trump isn't going to come in your house in the middle of the night and whisk you away...any more than Obama was going to sneak in your house and take your guns....Get over the drama..

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I was going to get you a Rolls Royce but they didn't have the color you like..

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What would you do if Jesus Christ appeared to you right now?

Not sure what I would do.

How do you know he hasn't appeared to you already?
Could've been anybody you met today..

Can't say that I have..

It must be true. I saw it on the internet. What are some of the dumbest things you've seen people try to pass off as true?
ok so new here was wondering how many sodaheads are here ? if any ?

More than 1 but less than 100..

If after you've left this world and you're still being thought of by friends.

You've done something right and positive with your life..

Can't ask for much more than that..

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Let's all wish a very Happy Birthday to our good friend, Thibault, on his 18th birthday. Hope you have a wonderful birthday and lots of fun.