There should be a electric fence at the Mexico border to stop drug trafficking into America. That would make ton of a difference with lazy druggies who set bad examples for innocent kids. amirite?

Drugs are now a days catapulted over the border or they do a Trojan horse thing (hiding it in objects for someone on the other side).

You can't really say which musical instrument is 'best' because each one of them is important to the music in a different way, amirite?
If you spell his name as Usama Bin Laden, it's kind of ironic the first the letters are "usa", amirite?

If you spell Barack Obama's name as Osama bin Ladin, then it is kind of ironic how his name is spelled the same way as the guy he has been trying to kill for almost three years.

When you no way a post, you never vote to homepage it, amirite?
We live in such a beautiful world. Why waste it with industrial waste, landfills, and power plants, amirite?

We got to put that shit somewhere.

It's so hard when you suck at keeping people from making "that's what she said" jokes, amirite?

I just say gigidy

anyone can fall in love at any age. 16 is not too young to be in love an know what it is, amirite?

16 is cool but second grade is a bit young.

You have a favourite Weasley, amirite?

Fred was, but....

Going to see Pirates of the Caribbean 4 because life is swell and it will make life even more swell, amirite?

This isn't Twitter or Facebook. We don't need a constant update on your life.

You were saddened by Hedwigs death, crying by Dobby's, and just shocked by Fred Weasley's death. amirite?
@MacaroniSalad **spoilers! What if I hadn't read the book!? I have, so I don't care, but if I HADN'T?! You would be so dead...

That's true I shouldn't have left them out. I think everyone new that Fred died anyways because people are constantly talking about it.

I'm not exactly sure why people say Mary conceived Jesus without having sex. Sorry Joseph, but he's nit called the son of God for nothing, amirite?
You wonder how it would feel like to be a celebrity, amirite?
it blows when people pretend to like stuff just to impress people. amirite?

I hate this post.... oh wait, everybody's liked it so far.... I like this post.

The first time you have an anxiety attack is really scary, amirite?

Never had one.

If you think about it, basically all the air you breathe has been someone else's fart. And all the water you drink has been someone else's piss. But you're not going to stop breathing and drinking just because I said that, amirite?