About me.

Before you read on, I'd like to sayy...
Follow me :
Thaaanks :D
And check out this girl, shes amazzzing! Or a Goodime ;)

Sometimes Im as a crrazy as someone whos high, but thats the way I role, either leave or roll with me :)
I need my friends, or my life would have no meaning.
I believe in the good in all people, unless you tick me off, then your toast.
I think the Toronto Maple Leafs are actually going to make it into the playoffs this year (Buzz off if you dont agree)
I wish I had the drop dead gorgeous looks that most guys want :(
Im 16 soon so yes I have all the drama, insercurites, and "problems" in my life, but Im working them out, so I might just show them through these amirites, ALTHOUGH I promise not be boring :)
and lastly I want a boyfriend, just like any other teen girl :P
( I just thought I would share tthat :D )
But Im abosuletly sure I have the worst taste in them
Im everywhere, and nowhere all at once.

I realize I've upset some people on here, and I feel reaaly bad.
I know this is weird to put it here,
but Im sorry....I'm ususally a really friendly person, and will talk to just about anyone. So I want to apoligize to all the ones who dont like me, because of whatever I've done :/

Random Facts:
-My life can be compared to a snowball rolling down Mt. Everest. Just keeps going downhill :(
-I think everyone hates me, until I say something interesting :/
-I am a veery shy person, unless i know the person(s).
-I would die for straight hair
-I am a decent poet, I write in my spare time :)
-I have no middle name
-I LOOVEE; Hedley and Marianas Trench. If you do also, please message me your fav song. I woul love to see if we like the same ones :)
-I come down with cases of depression from time to time...
Oh and I like making friends, so far I've met some pretty awesome people like:
I_LOVE_TO_SING_ - I love her so much! She's my second long lost twin! Our mother was in labour for almost two months, after she gave birth to her, and was waiting for me, to pop on out (;
AmyRawrs- I loooveee this girl so much, shes asian, and is picking up all the guys <3 Oh and she has the best penguin hats
And I hope lots more to come :)
LemonLime- has some of the best advice in the world :) Thaanks <3
J_A_C_K - can make me laugh, without trying, and has some mad rock-out sessions :P
CaptainPirate- Fellow Canadian, shes awesome :D
Goodtime - Longg lost twwin <3
Ilikefurrywolves4815- Too crazzy, to be controlled ;)
Adizzleshaw- Hes cute ;)
EmilyPrentiss0310- Shes a performer!! :P
Hatersk8er69666- He has the best snowboarding pics :)
Cassandra- Shes her >.<
*RunnerDude- He helped me with a random quiz thingy!! I WON a candy :D

And I hope more to come, so message me, maybe you'll make it on here y smilie