"Hella"... pretty much only in northern California.

It's really hard to defend the fact that 95% of black people in the US are going to vote for Obama this year. Think about it, if 95% of white people voted for Romney, we'd have riots, amirite?
"Our marriage is a celebration of equality in our relationship forever and therefore our child's last name will definitely be hyphenated with both our names to celebrate feminism because feminism is moving away from sexist traditions. But you still have an obligation to spend 3 months salary on a rock and give it to me for free to satisfy tradition." I think it's fair that when your buying a diamond for no reason other than traditions sake youre buying the right to your child's last name too, amirite?
You feel a little awkward admitting you don't like something that everyone else seems to like (like Oreos) amirite?
Sarcasm: a common dialect in the English language. Only certain people know how to speak it, while others who attempt it fail miserably. It takes years of practice, and the ones most fluent are revered, amirite?

This is an incredibly witty post.

Harry potter should have always been able to see thestrals before he saw Cedric die, because he saw his mom die, amirite?
@JK Rowling also said that only when you accept a death, will you see the thestrals, which is why Harry didn't see...

Could you post a link to this interview? I've always wondered why he couldn't see them at the end of his fourth year...

Out of all the necessary things your body has to do, sneezing is your favourite, amirite?
people who are against cloning don't understand it, amirite?

People who are against cloning don't understand it, amirite?

Your dreams are much crazier when you're sleeping in a place other than your own bed, amirite?

This could be a metaphor for life as well :)

So there's something you're not supposed to think about or else you'll lose it, but because I just mentioned it, even though I never actually said what it was, you just lost it anyway, amirite?


Wit beyond measure is mans greatest treasure, amirite?
@Clementines inb4 IT RHYMES SO IT HAS TO BE TRUE.

You're just bitter because nothing rhymes with orange, Clementine.

Why do they call black people colored, it's the white people that are colored, when it's cold they turn blue, when it's hot they turn red, and when they are bruised they turn purple and green. amirite?

What the hell? What kind of white people do you know?

Guys: It's really cute when a girl leans her head against your shoulder, amirite?

This was obviously written by a girl...