the amount animosity that the tran community receives is hard to understand given that they constitute less that 1% of the population in every country, amirite?

Trans people happen to find themselves the unfortunate epicenter of a broad cultural conflict over ideas about sexuality and gender roles. There's been a group in that role for a hundred years. It was gay people last, single mothers before then, working women, and the whole time, anyone adjacent to abortions. They had an honest to goodness congressional hearing about an episode of Murphy Brown, back in the day.

When Tucker Carlson makes his ad about tanning his package and selling testosterone supplements, it's part of the same overall culture war, about gender expectations being dismantled. It's not really about trans people. They're just a convenient target, the same as single mothers were in the 90s.

British Drive-Thrus are on the opposite side of the building, amirite?

To them, US drive-thrus are.

We yell with our palms facing towards our mouth and whisper with our palms facing away from our mouth, amirite?

My hands have nothing to do with the volume of my voice

We are very lucky that when rain freezes, it makes snow and not ice. amirite?

I am well aware of freezing rain and hail, but I meant more in general. It would suck if freezing rain or hail was the norm.

Drinking straws are going from plastic to paper, while toothpicks are going from wood/natural to plastic, amirite?
@-avoidingwork- in a variety of colors?

Yeah all faded colors for some reason

Kinda weird that there isn't just free drinking water everywhere. amirite?
Kinda weird that there isn't just free drinking water everywhere. amirite?

Most fast food restaurants will give you a free cup of ice water.

Playing 48 minutes of basketball is more impressive than playing 49 minutes of basketball. amirite?
@Effectlive97 I need to know your logic behind this

48 minutes is a full nba game. It means you played the whole game.

49 minutes means the game went into overtime, but you rested at least 4 minutes at some point.

People want you to be honest, but when you really speak your mind 95% of them can't handle it easily, amirite?

It's a difficult balance to strike. It's true that people can react negatively if you challenge their beliefs. Empathy is key. If you can validate their feelings without making concessions on what the truth is, sometimes you can get past it.

Since atoms never really touch each other we're not waking on earth, we're floating through the air. amirite?

Actually, the air is floating around us, since we never actually touch it.

Some lucky person is going to be the first human to ever masturbate on Mars, amirite?
There's a place you'll never be able to observe directly: The area behind your head. amirite?

Take a timed picture. Debunked

Kids seldom understand they are also watching their mom and dad grow up. amirite?

Absolutely broke my heart when I realized my mom started looking older

Even when all your choices are the lesser evil of even worse the result is ultimately just as toxic. amirite?

When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all

everyone is evil, and the evilness keeps going up. amirite?

Human nature is what it is and i believe all humans are existing with it. I believe God's nature is also present and overrides evil.....more humans exhibit God's nature than they probably realize.