It's really awkward when you're sitting in a stall in a public restroom and someone is checking if there is one open, so there's that 2 second moment where their eye is looking at you through the crack, amirite?

Hello fellow redditor

Insecurity Guard: "Umm...Excuse me, Sir? Can you not... steal that... please? Umm... gosh. That wasn't very intimidating was it? Lemme try that again", amirite?
If it exists, there's a fetish for it, amirite?
It's not really right to kill bugs just because they are there, I mean it's not like we go around killing other people just because they might come in contact with us, amirite?

what do you think usa is doing to the people iraq ? killing people because of the fear of them comming in contact with us. thats right

Why are some people preparing for a zombie apocalypse when it's never going to happen? amirite?

have fun when it does happen, youll wish you had years of practice and plans like the rest of us

I have decided to produce and sell a strong alcoholic drink called "Responsibly" That way everyone in the country can get shit faced drinking responsibly. And all the other drinks makers will be advertising for me on their cans with the slogan "please drink responsibly" Probably will piss off the government as well. amirite?
There's an "a" word, a "b" word, a "c" word, a "d" word, an "f" word. Not only that, but you can get an A, B, C, D, or F as a grade. "E" never gets any respect, amirite?
@Previously_Sane If one generally feels uncomfortable saying certain words in front of their grandmother, it's a swear. A minor one...

if that is true, then there is an "e" word, go up to your grandmother and say erection, and see if you feel comfortable

If rap were a religion, either 2pac or Eminem would be God, amirite?
If rap were a religion, either 2pac or Eminem would be God, amirite?

kid cudi is the black jesus

There's too many pokemon and twilight posts. amirite?

never too much of a good thing

There are some things you keep on losing all the time; like your car keys, your wallet, your cool, your mind, or the game, amirite?

thanks for that. asshole.

You subtract with the + sign, amirite?

im lost .. what do you mean

"1 out of every 3 smokers die." Apparently the other 2 become immortal, amirite?
why dont they just use lie detectors to tell if people committed a crime or not instead of going through all those trials and stuff? amirite?

exactly the same reason we dont get them to pinky promise that they didnt do it

it would be great if you could see who clicked yeah you are! or no way on your post, amirite?

just get off amirite.