About me.

OK BLUCATT IS SUPER HOT. AAHMAHGEARDADD <333 I LAV DEM. they are da super coolest evar and you should go to their profile and stalk them forever <33333

I'm bored with this ;_; you should just add me on facebook. My name is Audra Midori on fb >:O no creepy people just kidding. idc

My amirite tiny blog. follow it please, it's got some funny pictures on it. ok now onto my bio.

ok so.. Hi, i’m JadeR. i’m 16. my birthday -is- WAS February 4th 1996.

Try not to talk to me too much, i have an insane desire for attention.

I wish i was as pretty as lemonlime she's beautiful and i hate her for it l smilie just kidding, i love her. She's super freaking awesome! SHES SO PRETTY. Go check her out. I can't believe how pretty she is. I am so jealous that i want to die. Every guy on this site thinks she's hella hot or pretty ;_; no one thinks of me that way. Foreveralone.jpg

look, i'm annoying at times. I complain a lot. I thrive on your positive attention and everything hurts my feelings ;_;

I generally love boys with long hair. I love all hair colors as long as you style it right. I have nothing against gingers. I, infact, happen to quite like gingers. I think they're pretty. EDIT: I fucking hate gingers. My ex boyfriend is a ginger and I just hope he dies.

O, I hate people who type like idiots. Spell right or don't talk to me. I don't care about grammar really but at least spell shit right.

I hate it when people are like I HATE JUSTIN BEIBER, REBECCA BLACK, AND TWILIGHT LOLoolOLOLlol angry smilie stfu. first, wtaf is wrong with justin beiber you jealous prick? js.. rebecca black is talentless but she's like 13. Who the fuck bullies a 13 year old. And as for twilight, i can't stand the movies (go ahead and bash those all you want) but i love the books so stfu

I don't listen to Anons. If you're going to comment at me then at least do it on your own account.

I've been here for a while. I was back in the days of polarthebear, pedo_bear, and jmayrod. In all honesty, they weren't that great so i guess you didn't miss out on that much. Polarthebear was a hilairous commenter, pedo_bear was kind of stupid(a stupid meme in my opinion) and jmayrod caused a ton of drama on amirite with all his stolen posts.

http://ctrlv.in/58726 someone said i look like katy perry in this picture so i made my hair look darker and now i see that i don't look anything like her. I don't know what he was talking about.


I hate people who drink

Changed my profile picture for the first time in a million years... i'll probably change it tomorrow, i don't know if i like this one. i look weird.

I used to post almost everyday. I miss some days because I can't always think of a post idea. My posts are generally pretty shitty so don't read them wink smilie jk please read them goo smilie you should definitely hp and upvoted and fav. all my posts and love all my comments cuz that would be super great. chances are, if you favourite a few of my posts i'll go do the same to you.

I really enjoy pickles. In awkward quiet moments i will say 'i like pickles'

I like xbox better so suck it you psn users. if you have xbl, we should play together :)

I procrastinate and never do my work on time.

I eat crutons straight out of the bag

I sometimes lie a lot

I draw a lot, if you want to see my art, just ask. IM FREAKIN AWESOME smirk smilie atleast i think so.

I am an avid internet user but i don’t know many memes or much internet slang.

I’m only a bitch if you make me a bitch.

I love everyone, except the people i hate. makes sense right?

I love fat cats.

My favourite author at the moment is Cassandra Clare.

I HAVE seen all 8 harry potter movies.

I never trade or sell my video games.

The search bar on here never works for me so I constantly get my posts removed.

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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ you are a beautiful strong black woman ~ ~ ~
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VVVV my 3 uservoice suggestions

K so I got POTD once I was really excited for the first one until i saw all the hateful comments about how the post was stolen. To clear a few things up, YEAH apparently i wasn't the first to think of this idea. Apparently it's been all over the internet and people have said it many times in the past. And apparently it had even been posted on amirite before. The search bar doesn't work for me, as i stated before. Because i had no clue that it was not an original idea I thought it was totally fine to post it. And because the mods homepaged it, and then the admin's made it POTD i STILL have to deal with hateful shit over it. Get the fuck over it. It was in september. Here's the link if you want to read all the shit over it http://amirite.net/534815

I have a second POTD now :) almost died when i saw it. Anthony favourited it like yesterday and now it's homepaged and POTD. Awesome? I think so :)
LINK: http://amirite.net/679021

I played tackle football in middle school. Now i play volleyball, basketball, and track. During the summers i am fat and lazy and sit on my ass.

Want to see what i look like? look at the pfp dumbass

I am bi-polar and I cry a lot. I cry very easily. Be careful what you say to me. I take everyone literally unless they say ‘just kidding’

K let's go onto my favourite things ever. Books and Movies

Studio Ghibli movies inspire me. I freaking love them. they're amazing and inspired me to start drawing anime. (now i'm pretty awesome (; YOU SHOULD SEE THEM)
Here i'll list my favourite studio ghibli movies.
-Spirited Away(OMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH I WANT TO DIE) can i marry haku?
-Howl's Moving Castle(OMG HOWL IS HOT. CAN I BE SOPHIE?)
-kiki's delivery service
-my neighbor totoro (i love it so much :3)
-Secret World of Arriety(haven't actually seen it but i know i love it)
-Tales from Earthsea (yeeyeyeyeyeye)
-ponyo(SO CUTE)
-castle in the sky (hehee :) so good)
-Princess Mononoke :D
I think that's all of them but i'm retarded and probably missed some.

Next. Naruto Movies(in order)
-Ninja Clash In the Land of Snow.
----I loved this movie because for one, the picture is so much better than the picture in the show. The colors were crisp and beautiful. The movie made me cry when the director was killed by the arrows ;_; it was so sad. I think i cried when naruto was breaking out of his chains in his cell. He's so strong and amazing. I want to marry Naruto but he's not real ;_;
-Legend of the Stone of Galel
----Ok to be honest I used to dislike this movie because the bad guys pissed me off. Their bodies were weird and gross. I don't like when ladies wear armor that matches the shape of their body. It's just awkward. UGH
-Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom
----I kind of disliked this movie in parts because it has Rock Lee in it and he's kind of annoying ;_; he was awesome but i wished that someone else could have taken his place in the movie.
-Naruto Shippuden: The movie
----I loved this movie because I love the older Naruto. He's so hot. I started crying in the beginning of the movie when i thought naruto died.... I was relieved to see he was fine. But it was a shock to see his funeral because i never think that he's going to die. He's too amazing to die.
----I didn't like this movie very much when i was little but i haven't seen it in like 3 years so i need to go back and watch it again so I can actually appreciate it. Another real reason i don't like it very much is because Sasuke pisses me off. He's such a fag JS.
-Inheritor of the Will of Fire
----This movie was hella intense. Jesus like.... the little fag bad guy just like blew shit up! JESUS. UGH! I thought kakashi was gonna die but then Naruto just ripped shit up and saved him cuz he's a sexy badass.
-The Lost Tower
----I love this movie because Naruto's dad is in it ;_; Naruto doesn't know it but at one point in the movie he is about to ask him but Minato tells him to stop asking. Naruto again was a sexy badass along with his incredibly attractive father. I love them both and just UGH omg i want to marry them both. CAN I DO THAT?!
-Blood Prison

---I love this movie because it's so the closest thing to a classic disney music. They put a lot of focus into the music but still held onto a phenomenal storyline at the same time.

ok now for my detailed story of Naruto.

Naruto is very inspiring. Naruto started with nothing. His mother and father gave their lives for his village. The village hated him because he held the beast in his stomach that destroyed the village all those years ago. Naruto never knew his family. Every member of his family was gone. He tried to go through school but everyone in the village hated him and so he acted out. As he was about to graduate from school, his greedy instructor told him to steal something from the village. The moment he learned that advanced jutsu, his life started getting on track. He made friends on his squad. Sasuke, and Sakura were his first teammates. Kakashi was his first squad leader. He learned to love and began to behave. He had hope that he would one day be the Hokage. Naruto showed courage and trained for years to levels that other Ninjas haven't even dreamed of. Naruto is amazing and he shows dedication. He never gives up on anything. He has a huge amount of chakra and a personality on the same level. Naruto will always be the #1 most unpredictable ninja in the Hidden Leaf.

I love Titanic so much because it's heartbreaking and beautiful.
I love spiderman because TOBEY MCGUIRE IS SO NERDY HOT.
I love Ironman because Robert Downey Jr. DID AN AWESOME JOB.


Vampire Diaries

Mortal Instruments

Infernal Devices

Chronicles of Vladmir Tod

Anne Rice's Vampire series

The 2 Eon books

Chronicles of Narnia

Lord of the Rings

Eragon books


That was then, this is now. and the Outsiders

Call of the Wild

To Kill a Mockingbird



I have a huge family. and i love every last one of those crazy motherfuckers. K SO LETS GO TO MY FAVOURITE PART. FOOD vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

AWESOME food: pickles, barbeque chips, porcupine meatballs, peas in a can, chocolate milk, chow mein, sushi, california rolls, spring rolls, egg rolls, dumplings, chicken, BACON, POPCORN, TACOS, TWIX, BUFFALO CHICKEN PIZZA, MOMS CHICKEN NOODLE, MOMS LASAGNA, CHINESE FOOD, SHRIMP TOAST. breadsticks, chocolate mousse, chocolate covered strawberries, reddiwhip, medium rare steak, shrimp, noodles with spicy coconut peanut sauce, carribean jerk chicken :D sooo lets sum it up… i love bacon-popcorn
Gross food: sauerkraut, miso soup, salt and vinegar chips, greenbeans from a can, greenbean casserole(sp?), romaine luttuce in stirfry, apple juice(it looks like old pee), Reuban sandwiches or casserole(sp?) and sausage for breakfast(i only like it on pizza)

My favourite food over all is chinese food. IT’S SO GOOD k so as you can see i’m a fat loser :) let’s be friends. If you really read this entire thing, i love you

Cool/Amazing people: ALL MY FRIENDS
JULIAN went to college :(
BRIANH is freaking awesome and hilarious and very great :D
jonesy is GAY :) I love himm l smilie
annie is beautiful but we never talk
JackCheese is old :P
GlassJAw IS REALLY BEAUTIFUL AND NICE l smilie i love herr
Brettward95 dork but very funny.
Captainpirate is beautiful l smilie and i super love her
Dwight is hilarious
Edward_FINNA is hilarious and i totally love him l smilie
Pruitt is never in chat anymore :(
Stickcaveman has the coolest tattoo EVER
Stealthapple is really hot
Hullabaloo is kinda really great :D
God_the_almighty hasn't talked to me in a while
Amyliscious is my bestest zelda buddy 5eva l smilie
JamesD is really great to talk to :)

Hilary is the most beautiful woman i've ever seen l smilie she's beautiful. she has the cutest little voice EVARR. I love her so much. she's hilarious and she's my favourite person like everrr

ilikefurrywolves4815 is amazing. I love meg with all mah heart l smilie she's mah #1 and she likes my ass hello smilie

Adizzleshaw- HE'S PRETTY HOT AND TALENTED AND OMGGG l smilie dat basketball playa ;o

Amber12 is mad at me cuz i hadn't added her yet (cry2) here you go amber. Amber has been like my bestest friend since preschool. WE PLAYED TOGETHER ALL THE TIME. We're in most sports together and we hang out a lot still. WE ARE IN HER PROFILE PICTURE TOGETER >:O look i spell bad. WE PLAYED SOFTBALL TOGETHER TILL I GOT DEAD.

BRE IS THE MOST AMAZINGGIRL EVER l smilie she's the best mod admin lady ever :) she's really beautiful and she's faf. I love her to no end. she's been nothing but incredibly nice to me :) SHES DUH BESTEST AMIRITER EVER l smilie



Goodtime and me talk a lot together. Even if we don't really have anything to say, we sit and message each toher anyways XP l smilie

some people make me so fricken mad that i could just... flip a godamned companion cube (╯°□°)╯ ◡ [♥]

TWAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? I cunt hear you! I have an ear infucktion. I haven't quite fingered it out yet