The catholic church is accepting more and more married, converted priests. They say there is a shortage. can it now be okay?

All religions evolve to remain relevant as societies/cultures change.

Why do people like North Carolina so much?

I live in a small town just south of Raleigh. Used to live in San Francisco bay area. NC is way better, BUT coming from CA the beach is on the wrong side of the road here. When you go to the mountains, there's no Reno close by. You can't get decent portuguese sausage, and everyone is absolutely insane over college basketball.πŸ€ --- dribble dribble.
But seriously, it's a wonderful place to raise a kid, it's not overcrowded, southern food is awesome, four beautiful seasons, not a lot of earthquakes, very friendly people, and there's a fishing pond next to my house. 🎣
Sooo "y'all come see us when you can, ya hear"

Have you ever felt as though you were a terrible failure to yourself??

Hey listen Carla, nicotine is VERY addictive.
Your halfway or more to beating one of the toughest addictions. That's why it's hard, but your already on your way. Keep going πŸ˜‹

Internet and cell phones, while having their own benefits, are responsible for a decline in neighbourhood and community morales.

My neighborhood has a community website. And everyone has a cellphone too. Our moral is high, as we all communicate daily. There are in fact more Morales in the hood than there are Smiths.

Exxon Mobil funded front groups to cast doubt on anthropogenic global climate change, amirite?
@vegan What's CC proponents?

That would be Climate Change proponents

IMO What has happened is a takeover of the good old Democratic party, by hard core socialists. Hearts have become hard in the struggle to remain a nation of freedom, or become an imagined socialistic Utopia. If Trump can bring about prosperity and potential for all of us, the struggle will end.

Exxon Mobil funded front groups to cast doubt on anthropogenic global climate change, amirite?

Hmmm interesting. Now the CC proponents, failing in their core argument, have turned instead to attacking their opponents.
Where have I seen this before .

Treating one another badly seems more acceptable since the election. Whatever your beliefs are, putting down others less fortunate is not making this a better country. Amirite?

Before the election our old president never scorned, mocked or belittled any of his detractors.
Wait no ------ πŸ˜‹

Are we born with an innate sense of faith?

It seems to me more an innate sense of trust, rather than faith. We all then have to learn not to trust. A bitter lesson for most. For me faith is something you learn about.

Cree phophecy.............................................. When all the trees have been cut down..... When all the animals have been hunted..... When all the waters are polluted................. When all the air is unsafe to breathe............ Only then will you discover that you cannot eat money

Hey Carla: IMO it's not going to go that far.
Before all the trees are cut down, more will be planted. Onaccounta forester's need a continued supply. ........................... Same thing with all the animals. We have maintained herds for centuries. ............... Vital resources like water and air will be maintained onaccounta their vital. .............. So be concerned, but not more than necessary. πŸ˜€

A good reply to a disagreement can be silence... Amirite? And having the last word is meaningless.
@Sukiesnow You think? How about

Yeah --- That's the one I was looking forπŸ™…

A good reply to a disagreement can be silence... Amirite? And having the last word is meaningless.

Can you say acquiescence?
Or acceptance?
Or maybe yielding?
All are implied by silence in the midst of debate.
If you fail to make your argument, say it. πŸ˜…

Do you remember when bonfires on campus were about celebrating the homecoming game? πŸ˜‹
@Carla I do. What i saw yesterday, well, disturbed me. Wasnt terrorism, as some suggest. But truly...

Agree. I'd like to believe that the vast majority of protesters were intending to be peaceful. The obviously professional anarchists who rioted were at the service of those who would overthrow or government via chaos. Real shame that the police stood by and only arrested one individual 😟

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. Suzy Kassem

Undue optimization is the harbinger of failure. There are dreams that are destined by their nature to fail. Mistakenly disregard reality and it will find you.

I wonder if the opinions of the population on this site is indicative of this country's and the others represented
@Carla Mr trump doesnt care for people who disagree with him. He blasted ryan during his campaign. Then after the...

Take heart Carla: Trump is steering the ship of state in a good direction. If you focus on what he does for the nation, rather than his words, you'll feel better. He is already saving jobs, already putting our enemies on notice, already meeting with the pharmaceutical industry, already reducing job killing regulation, already working to lower our taxes etc.
Hang on a while, your gona like the results. πŸ˜‹