There Are No Rule Against Bringing Fire Extinguisher To Knife Fight, amirite?
We could prevent another World War by not teaching about it in school. amirite?

You should maybe read Lord of The Flies. That's not how any of that works. Your post I mean.

You're currently most likely procrastinating. amirite?

Never has something so true insulted me so much...

Seems really quick when friends go to the toilet in a bar, amirite?

Not girls! Haha

We all want a girlfriend but some of us are virgins who wouldn't even know what to do if we got 1, amirite?

Virgin or not, most men don't know what to do with them anyway.

The feral cat population has fooled us into believing they're harmlessly growing in numbers when in reality they're building a massive army that when finished, will converge and wage war on humanity for acts of cruelty against felines worldwide. amirite?

I'll have what this guy is smoking please.

They probably just disintegrate over time and so begins the cycle of life again

You can get a two in monopoly but it's impossible to move two. amirite?

There are 2 ones on the 2 dye. It's possible

A motorcycle always has more doors than people on it. amirite?

You're mentally challenged

If you don't set aside time for being healthy, you will be forced to set aside time for being sick. amirite?


Falling asleep in the car and than waking up at your destination is like skipping a cutscene, amirite?

Skipping a cutscene, but the loading screen takes long

Sometimes it's easier to disappear than to be pushed aside, amirite?
@Nilofargx Are you ok?

I'm in a tough place but I'm getting through it, this week has actually been quite important for me and I feel better at this point, still got a few places to get to though

Animals are really good at being fuel. amirite?
Everybody agrees space is infinite, but where would heaven and hell be on this spectrum? They can't be above or below as it goes on forever. Is it a different realm like the spirit realm? Idk, amirite?
A motorcycle always has more doors than people on it. amirite?