if you are in an argument between yes and no no wins because yes could be saying yes to no, amirite?
All pet rocks started off as strays. amirite?
A bar tenders job is to poison people, amirite?

since when do you think of alcohol as poison?

Car crashes happen because the matrix lagged, amirite?

I see you play Dayz as well..

The more we pursue happiness the less happy we are. amirite?

Don't agree

At some point some of us become a person who has a bird on their shoulder. amirite?

Unless someone of us don't have shoulders..... this message brought to you by the shoulders people for no shoulders people

Humans Enjoy Being Pet Just As Much As Other Animals Do, amirite?

Ugh I always try to pet little kids and I am shunned for it. We need to make petting more socially acceptable. Why can we walk up to dogs and pet them but can't do the same to humans? What a world...

It is so amazing that Michael Jackson was famous even in a very small village of a third world country where electricity was a privilege, amirite?
@Mrnobody7330 Where?

I'm thinking Mobile, Alabama.

It's always overzealous, never zealous or under-zealous. amirite?

Zealous is somewhat common. Underzealous would be pretty rare, but you might get kicked out of a Trump rally for it.

Bell is technically a furry, amirite?

Who is bell?

Professional porn is filmed prostitution, amirite?

It's more like a movie production, where actors play roles, but in fact they're paid to have sex, so yes, but actually no, but in fact yes, but no. But yes

Pizza and Blowjobs are very similar. amirite?

hmmkay, but I think a better way to write this might be;

"A Pizza is like a blowjob because even when it's bad, it's good!"

0-0 would bee infinity bacause you take the "nothing" out of 0 so it becomes something. amirite?
Since many people can spend the same dollar bill, each one can enable hundreds of dollars worth of purchases. amirite?

If it just cost a dollar I just steal it

If you're left handed, you don't do much right.

Oh my god you did mean left 😂