Gay marriage should be legal, amirite?
<em>Authors note: This is for a report and I'd appreciate it if you could give me reasons why you think it should be legal in the comments. If I use your ideas you will be cited in my report.</em>
@Neighbor Old Testament law is said in the New Testament to not be taken because we no longer have to. I'm tired of people...

No. Rituals etc. aren't to be taken because the new covenant fulfills the old one. The moral laws such as, I don't know, the ten commandments, are still in effect. The reason the Old Testament is still apart of the Bible is because it's relevant. She did still take the part about the wife out of context.

Who needs facts? I've got faith! amirite?
@twisted_memories I'm pretty sure that Christianity (or at least the Pope [don't ask me which one, I don't recall] has said) that...

This is true, that's what our priest said in Church (that God doesn't want us to blindly believe. He wants us to actively be searching).

If Jesus' last name is Christ... we should call God, God Christ, amirite?

If you can even count this as a last name, Jesus's last name would have been son of Joseph, or some sort of description of where he was from. He is Jesus the Christ, meaning he is the Messiah, like SpearmintMilk said.

Before reading this post, you never knew that "Pumped Up Kicks" was a song aboot someone literally shooting popular kids because his life was unfair to him. amirite?

I really, really dislike that song. It's on all the time.

You wish there was a city filled with all the users of amirite?
@Simon Oh dear God ...

We have about ten of them on here, you should be more specific.

Remember when kids would say stuff like "Pidgey used gust" and knock some paper off of the table? I took it too far and shouted "HITLER USED HOLOCAUST!!!!!!" and pulled a Jewish kid's chair out from underneath him. Still fuckin funny, amirite?
Remember when kids would say stuff like "Pidgey used gust" and knock some paper off of the table? I took it too far and shouted "HITLER USED HOLOCAUST!!!!!!" and pulled a Jewish kid's chair out from underneath him. Still fuckin funny, amirite?
@shelbybuckffs No kid I was ever around has ever said that because I didn't hang out with lame kids. inb4 downvoted because...

No one I know ever said that either and I practically collected Pokemon cards (but still not obsessed/knowledgeable about it). I think it's just one of those regional things. Op is lame for an entirely different reason.

Why has Judas not been made a saint yet? I mean, someone had to be the one to betray Jesus in order for "salvation" to take place (at least, according to Christians) and Judas was the one. Now he's spending eternity in hell for doing something that led to our "salvation." Talk about self-sacrifice, amirite?

If Judas sincerely repented, God forgave him and is not in Hell. We don't know for sure if he totally repented, though it seems so, but one cannot knowingly say that he is in Hell.

Banning abortion is like banning masturbation, amirite?
@SpearmintMilk I disagree. I don't think that a fertalised egg = a person and I don't think that abortion is akin to murder. The...

Yeah you too. I just think that that is when life starts, but in some ways it really is a matter of perspective I guess. I just thoguht I would put my opinion out there.

Banning abortion is like banning masturbation, amirite?
@SpearmintMilk is illegal the percentage is around the same as countries where it is. Anyway I don't think abortion should be...

Well that's the thing. I think that those 70000 women died as a result of killing their children. I think the death of 3 million children a year is more important, but that's because I think that life starts the second your dna comes together and is created. People murder and rape other people even though that's illegal, but I still don't think we should make it legal. But again that's because I think that abortion is killing a human being. I also still think that it is probable that women who are older can handle child birth better because they are more emotionally stable than teenagers, as a whole. The people who are raped and become pregnant did not have a choice in it and I have sympathy for them (I still don't think they should get an abortion) but 99 percent of abortions are not from rape or incest, they are from people who had the choice to have sex, and knowing the risks, had sex anyway. You did that to yourself. If you really could not handle having a child, or be responsible for yourself, you should not have sex. You getting pregnant is your own doing; you knew the consequences.

Banning abortion is like banning masturbation, amirite?
@SpearmintMilk Statistics show that if abortion was illegal women would just get unsafe "back ally" abortions risking their life...

That is an extremely small percentage. Also, I'm saying that in places like America where it is more acceptable to be an unwed parent, people are not as desperate to get abortions. More teenagers are willing to give birth when faced with an unplanned pregnancy (because there's not as much of a stigma) and now its women who are already mothers, and/or in their thirties who are getting the majority of abortions. Having a kid is probably much less of a strain for them than it would be for a teenager. If I'm being honest, I also don't fully believe that the statistics of back alley abortions are accurate. In the U.S. most back alley abortions were being done by physicians. In America, in one year before abortion was legal, only 39 women died from back alley abortions.

Banning abortion is like banning masturbation, amirite?
Banning abortion is like banning masturbation, amirite?
@SpearmintMilk In the sense that people are gonna do it if it's banned anyway?

I think that abortion was banned most people wouldn't have one any way unless they went to another country where it was legal. The demographics of who is getting an abortion is changing and it's more exceptable to be an unwed parent. I think the numbers would be very small, in regards to abortion. But it's really just conjecture.

Stem cells are not people; they cannot wear hats or own buses, amirite?
@Wunderscore Stem cells save lives. If you look at all of the people who have directly and indirectly benefited from stem cell...

But I don't think that it's worth the lives of other people. They can use stem cells that aren't from embyos. I don't have a problem with that because that isn't coming at the expense of another life.