A kindergarten teacher is someone who makes the little things in life count. amirite?
@RebeccaBIack I don't.

That's because you're still learning the days of the week ;)

Gay marriage should be legal, amirite?
<em>Authors note: This is for a report and I'd appreciate it if you could give me reasons why you think it should be legal in the comments. If I use your ideas you will be cited in my report.</em>
@I don't think it should. It's just not natural.

Marriage isn't natural either. It doesn't come from nature.

It's scary to think that the only cure for cancer could have already been destroyed by man, amirite?
Nowadays, it would be terribly awkward to have a maid to make your bed, take care of your clothes, etc, amirite?

why would a maid do all that? I thought they were for sex.

Keep your inside jokes out of here... HAHAH amirite, Steve?!
@annie aww thankyou :D

So you agree? You think you're pretty?

My Fiancee doesn't want to have my last name, she wants to have both last names but I think it should just be mine like it traditionally is, amirite?

What's wrong with having both last names?

Middle schools should have free periods and lounges. (for students, not teachers) amirite?

Recess ends in elementary school.

There were two Avatar Movies: The one that sucked and the one that didn't, amirite?
The next time your teacher accuses you of using your phone in class, just tell them you were touching yourself. Kinda hard to reply to that, amirite?

First hand experience?

Nobody will ever find my porn if I leave it in a folder on the desktop titled "Untitled folder," amirite?

I'm guessing you found someone's porn

Fortune cookies rarely tell you your fortune, they usually just say something about life or something completely random, amirite?

Mine once said "You will get new pants" :/

I'm not judging you because you're fat, I'm judging you because you still keep shoving food down your throat and expecting to be skinny, amirite?

"I don't hate you because you're fat. You're fat because I hate you."

You've always wondered how a round camera lens makes a square picture, amirite?
Markers would be so amazing if someone invented a new way to stop them from bleeding through the page. amirite?

Thicker paper?

You hate it when you're trying to tell people something but the don't listen, then someone else says it and they all notice and credit them, amirite?

This always happened to me in school.