The age of a video can be seen by the number of pixels it contains, amirite?

Depends on the internet speed

The most intelligent animal species takes the longest to learn to walk. amirite?
Corn peel, banana husk. amirite?

Checks out

You pay to not have fun in strip clubs, amirite?

I disagree. You pay to have a lot of fun IN the strip club. Just not OUT of it.

If you have an oopsie baby and that child eventually murders you, then you accidentally killed yourself. amirite?

Chucky has left the chat

Technically, the person with the most world records has an infinite number of records. amirite?
Car alarms are more annoying than helpful. Your first instinct is to turn it off not to check if a car is being stolen.. amirite?

You clearly live in a nice area if my car alarm goes off 9 times out of 10 someone is trying to get in to it

Almost everyone who's ever been alive is already dead, amirite?

I think your math is wrong. Estimated 100B ever, currently 7B. That's 7%.

Someone somewhere remembers you because you were really weird to them, amirite?

I get that a lot.

When you walk forward in a train, you are faster than the train. amirite?
Erasers slowly sacrifice their lives because of your mistakes. amirite?

Or they give their life to give you another chance…:like the giving tree

In fact the sky is not-blue. amirite?
@Tanmoykayesen you can't see the stars because the sun's light overpowers them.

Exactly, and light is what would allow you to see green for a green cloth.

A rainbow is only a rainbow because of the way light behaves through water droplets.

When the sun's light hits our atmosphere it makes the sky blue 😉

For a lot of young people, most valuable thing they'll leave behind when they die will be their Steam account, amirite?

Not just young people. I own few material possessions, none of them considered "valuable"

Blowjobs must be a tense affair in Cannibalistic societies. amirite?
The empty browsing history tells more than the filled one. amirite?

All you can tell from an empty browser history is that someone is hiding something. Not deleting it gives people info about what videos you watch, which media you use, where you have accounts, where and what you shop etc etc.