About me.

Hey, I'm dontsteponaduck, and I love this website!! I also love stars (in the night sky, not in magazines), friends, Glee, and Taylor Swift. But I hate rough play, lectures from adults, pessimism, and hospital dramas.

The origin of my username, FYI:

Three men walk into a club. The bouncer says, "Have fun, but don't step on any ducks!" The men are confused until they walk inside and find ducks walking around everywhere. Other than that, it is a normal club.

The three men agree to go their separate ways and meet at the front in an hour. An hour passes, and each man has a girl with him. The first man's partner is really ugly. The two men pull him aside and say, "Uh, buddy, what happened?"

The man replies, "I stepped on a duck."

Next, they observe the second man's girl, who's also quite hideous. The first and third men give their friend curious looks, but he, too, says, "I stepped on a duck."

Finally, they look at the third man's girl, who, unlike the other two, is gorgeous. The first and second guy are unbelievably jealous, and ask their friend how he got her. He's about to say he has no clue when the pretty girl says, "I stepped on a duck."

...Yeah, it's lame, but it was the first thing that popped into my head. :)

And that, dear reader, is my bio.

(Still favoriting, rating, and commenting, but quitting posts. Don't ask.)