Justin Bieber should get deported, amirite?
@fuzala http://www.wikihow.com/Become-a-US-Citizen

Welp. Looks like Justin Bieber isn't a citizen.
It stated that one must be a decent person.

Justin Bieber should get deported, amirite?
@StickCaveman I don't care for him but if he's a citizen here, I don't see why he needs to be deported.

He has a green card... I don't think that makes him a citizen.
I'm not sure though.

It makes you upset when a little kid is being bullied about their looks to the point where get plastic surgery to 'fix' their 'problem'. Amirite?

Truth. But shit, I wish society wasn't so shallow.

Communism is like a mistress, who you later find out is a mister, and no amount of salt baths can rid you of the shame, amirite?

I'm sorry but I really need this one explained....

"Being the third wheel." Why is the third wheel so much worse than the second? It is still pretty important! It should say "the fifth wheel." Amirite?
@Skr3wBall A motorcycle, bicycle or any two wheeled thing with a third wheel... pretty useless wheel...

Obviously you're mentioning things that only require two wheels... how shocking.

I tried all these different sounds on my alarm clock and, eventually, the sounds started to bother me. I finally chose the heartbeat sound and it hasn't gotten old or annoying or unbearable. Not saying everyone is this way, but I guess the heartbeat is one sound that people don't get tried of, amirite?

Samsung Galaxy SIII?

People are just SO BRAVE, when they comment and post anonymously, amirite?
@ARandomPerson SO BRAVE

So yeah I'm pretty sure they went anonymous to get that exact reaction out of you....

The American Civil War was not about slavery, but the southern states' ability to have slavery, amirite?

The OP being from Canada made me laugh.

It's funny how your parents always ramble on about how you/your generation spend way too much time on Internet and their electronics, and yet the first time you don't have your phone on you, or it's turned off, they tell at you for it. Amirite?

I'm just going to assume that tell was supposed to be a yell?

Maybe not...
I don't know. D:

The only thing better than one night stands is two night stands, carved from the finest mahogany and nicely placed on each side of the bed. amirite?
@TheVibeAlchemist I love how you tried to correct him, yet your correction doesn't even make sense.

It's OK. I made a mistake. I'm foreign though and English is my third language so I make mistakes and learn from them. Thanks for not being a jerk.

The only thing better than one night stands is two night stands, carved from the finest mahogany and nicely placed on each side of the bed. amirite?

The only thing better than one night stand is two night stands....

J K Rowling's husband resembles Harry Potter. Amirite?

So pixelated.....

I don't think we think enough about what food we put in our bodies. Most people know a salad is better for them than a cheeseburger is, but how much better? What we eat affects our skin, hair, hearts, minds, etc. Its not just fat or skinny. Literally every part of our bodies are affected by what we eat. Nobody is perfect in what they eat but if we tried to make more conscience decisions we could probably have a better quality and quantity of life, amirite?

I suggest everyone grow a garden and take proper care of it.

You'll eat healthier because you grew it! There won't be any harmful chemicals or preservatives, etc.

Just a thought. <3

Some guys look super hot in glasses, Amirite?
Being in class with sorority chicks makes you hate the word "like." Like Amirite?
@Blake11roys Why'd you cut the motherfucker?

I didn't. The picture was just too big and I couldn't figure out how to make it smaller. It kinda ruins it...