I hate how certain jobs only hire at a certain age. Even if it's something easy like cashier or a pet store. What can an 18 year old do that a 16 or 15 year can't do? Besides isn't that age discrimination. amirite?

There are a lot of minor laws that they have to follow, and can get in serious trouble if they don't.

And age discrimination doesn't apply until you're after 40, I think. :]

It's super awkward when someone brushes your boobs or butt (actually by accident, not on purpose) and neither of you say anything or look at each other, amirite?

I was ringing this lady out at work and when I went to grab the pair of boots she was buying I pretty much lifted her boob with my knuckle. I didn't look at or speak to her the entire time I rang her up.

You'd nearly have a heart attack if you were alone in a dark computer room, at night, separate from your house, and you heard what sounded like a doll speaking in a high pitched voice right outside the window which is about a foot next to you, amirite?

Cool...right when I was about to sleep. I fucking HATE dolls. Now I'm hearing things. :(

You haven't had your first kiss yet. (With someone outside your family). amirite?
@caitling11 Am I the only person who doesn't think its that big of a deal? You're going to have a lot of kisses in your life...

That's what I was going to say... Why do people make kissing into a big deal? ._. I guess if you've never done anything, sure. But after you do bigger things kissing is not a big deal at all.

You feel really bad when large chested girls are complaining about how big their boobs are when you're really thin and/or have small boobs, amirite?
@pikabeau Small boobs are better in my opinion. My boobs went from a 36A to a 36D in about a year and I can honestly say I...

No one understands when I complain about boobs!
And if you want to wear tank tops or camis? Forget it!

All I thought about was Bender talking to the janitor in the Breakfast Club.

My cat had kittens once and my friend took the challenge on farting on all of them. :(

On car trips you have pretended that there is a man running and jumping over objects on the side of the road, amirite?

I do horses or cats usually. Sometimes dogs. I never knew that other people did this. :,)

It's annoying when the cashier has to stop and comment on every item being purchased when the line is already long enough. JUST RING IT UP AND MOVE THE HELL ON, amirite?

I agree, but a lot of the time we have managers breathing down our necks. It's considered good customer service if you engage the customer. And the company I work for offers credit cards, so engaging the customer is one of the best ways to get them to sign up for the credit card.
I hate doing it, but a lot of times it's required or we have to have a meeting with our managers.

The first time you have an anxiety attack is really scary, amirite?

I had my first one on my friend's horse right before I was about to jump her for the first time. It's even more terrifying when you're on an animal that could easily kill you. :x

When you are at the store and thee is the rack of sunglasses you have to try on basically every pair, amirite?

I hate when people do that and then leave all of them on top of the rack so I have to clean it up. >:(

You have at least one true fact about you that you don't bother to tell anyone in fear that they won't believe you, amirite?
@orangesocks I wear top hats.. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN.

Our roles are switched. O:
Guess I'm gonna have to shoot you. Destiny and all...

You have at least one true fact about you that you don't bother to tell anyone in fear that they won't believe you, amirite?
@orangesocks Maybe it's my destiny to kill you.

Eep. :(
Well, at least I don't look like Abe at all. I'll just avoid wearing top hats too. :)
Hopefully you'd only be tempted to follow your destiny if I look like him. O:

Miley Cyrus does not deserve to "Cover" Smells Like Teen Spirit, amirite?
@people use this excuse all the time. if your child is doing everything that their celebrity role model does, it...

When you're in the spotlight for little kids then you should fucking behave yourself. End of story.
Children look up to the people they see on tv. Just because mommy steps in and says, "she's bad." doesn't mean anything will change.

You have at least one true fact about you that you don't bother to tell anyone in fear that they won't believe you, amirite?