You don't trust Republicans with the economy

Yea, that Reagan guy was terrible.

You always do your buttons up from top downwards, amirite?

I never unbutton the last two buttons, so I just slide the shirt over my head and then continue from the bottom up.

Hearts are so simple to draw but a good one is so hard to find, amiright? amirite?
If you're the best in the world at something, you deserve a REAL gold medal, amirite?

As everyone else stated, gold is a soft metal. You can literally peel it off with your fingernails. You can't make a medal out of that.

In Canada an aboriginal person can get full funding for their post secondary education, including living expenses, and travel expenses as well as tuition fees. They don't need to do well in school or write an essay or prove they still practice aboriginal traditions, they get the money no questions asked. This is unjust, people shouldn't be rewarded just because of who their parents are, amirite?
@I'm okay with FULL-blooded natives getting free schooling or whatever. What annoys me is the whiter-than-me...

You have to be at least 1/4 native soooooo

Also, you're*. Your point is invalid when you're complaining about aboriginals getting money for scholarships over you when you don't know basic grammar.

Guys, you have a bit of a crush on at least one female amirite user, amirite?

Married her. Y'all jealous?

Summer is the time to find out what your friends with pools have been up to since last year, amirite?
There are 4 types of female orgasms: the positive orgasm, "Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!", the negative orgasm: "Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!", the religious orgasm: "Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!" and the fake orgasm: "Oh Anthony! Oh Anthony! Oh Anthony!", amirite?

Do you want to be? I'm free tomorrow hello smilie

Everybody has at least one embarrassing screenshot, amirite?
Keep your inside jokes out of here... HAHAH amirite, Steve?!

Works on the full site, for me at least.

Is sad to think that some people in the world will never find love, but its worse to think you might be one of those people. amirite?
@Galileo I've been there many times but never had the courage to say anything.

Just introduce yourself next time. They don't bite, I promise.

@Deadpool yeah, but only a few times. I stopped using it because the people who are always on it seem to be a tight group...

Most people on chat aren't very well known outside of chat.

I understand the fifth wheel though. I felt like that until I started talking to people.