Love is important, but it's not ALL you need, amirite?

you need time too.

facebook is the reason that homework takes hours to complete, amirite?

and this site.

You went through withdrawl while this site was down, amirite?

gasp!! lol

An 11 year old can go out with a 13 year old, IF the 11 year old is mature and dosn't act like a total dumbass? amirite?

maybe if the guy is 11 and the girl is 13? i know that sounds awkward but whatever.

when girls gush about twilight and how much they luv it, they get death stares and made fun of. but its not lame or pathedic at ALL to stand outside a theater for hours in a cape, glasses, a lightening tatoo on your head (real by the way), and a wand waiting to see the 7th harrypotter movie, amirite?

no, it's not.

It is freaking impossible to take a good picture of yourself with your cell phone camera for your profile pic, amirite?
Ever since discovering this site, you haven't been on MLIA once, amirite?
Ripstiking is hecka fun, amirite?

hecka? lol im sorry but wtf?

You KNOW words like "retarded" and "gay" are really insulting and un-PC, but it's so hard not to use them, amirite?
Here's to hoping this site never becomes mainstream like MLIA, amirite?

I know, just wish it wasn't.