Failing any level of education before university is perfectly acceptable. amirite?

It depends on why you failed.

Hammocks look more relaxing than they actually are, amirite?

I don't trust them, God forbid you set it up slightly wrong and suddenly you're on the ground.

Snakes are by far the most misunderstood animals, amirite?

There's a little garter snake in my backyard with three baby snakes that I've seen, they're so cute

The average man knows how to give a better blowjob than the average woman. amirite?
Hating on people for loving and supporting their favorite artist is absurd. amirite?

I see videos all the time of people getting emotional and upset that they're favorite sports team lost even going as far to have total freak outs.

What if I told you that I am a fan of neither?

Fish pics get too much hate, amirite?
I'm through with being impressed by talented children, amirite?

They cant trick me. Ive seen enough Wifeswap to know its not just "natural" talent.

Not wanting to be proven wrong doesn't automatically mean you have doubt…, amirite?
Going to sleep late and waking up late is the same as going to sleep early and getting up early. amirite?
Monograms are tacky and no adult should ever use them on anything, amirite?
@Thatoneduderyan Literally never seen this irl

Apparently it's popular in the South of the USA

Going to sleep late and waking up late is the same as going to sleep early and getting up early. amirite?
@Technasis Nobody who sleeps/wakes up late because they have a later work schedule gets looked down upon

People have definitely told me I needed to get up earlier to do things before work

The "half full half empty" thing is just whichever event is emphasized and doesn't matter on pessimism vs optimism, amirite?

Right… it's all about perspective. That's the point.

People who obsess over getting "the authentic experience" when traveling are more annoying than people who shamelessly embrace being tourists. amirite?

What does that even mean 😂 authentic traveling?? I just travel to have a good time. Nobody should tell you how you should travel lol unless it's rational advice so you don't get in dangerous situations.

After being a bartender for years, bachelor parties disgust me. amirite?

Awaiting OP's opinion on bachelorette parties, which can be just as raunchy. It's exclusion is noticeable.

The useage of Calibri is worse than Comic Sans, amirite?

i'm not alone