In books and movies boy and girl friends that have grown up together as friends always end up being romantically involved and if they don't everyone wishes they would amirite?

I'm still bitter that she chose Peeta.

For some reason I read this as microwaves wash up on tiny breasts. Definitely would've been my favorite post of all time.

It would suck to meet your soul mate at a dentist's appointment, and he/shes' the dentist. Unless of course, you have perfect fucking teeth. amirite?

I'd sure like perfect "fucking teeth" hello smilie

Oil spill, sinkhole... tragedies yes, but also great names for gay bars. amirite?
Selena Gomez is one of the only Disney female stars over 18 who haven't been caught sexting, naked, or a different way to be a shame to the Disney name. amirite?

One second, let me go check...

Political correctness is turning the world into overly-sensitive babies, amirite?

This would've been really funny if you said political correctness is turning the world into gay motherfuckers.

"Winning isn't everything" may be loser talk, but it still has credence. It is good to excel in sports or intellectual pursuits and be proud of your accomplishments and the journey you took to get where you are, but it is wrong to belittle others constantly because you can beat them in a minor contest. Doing so makes you seem like a compete idiot badly in need of a reality check, amirite?

I frickin love these kind of posts.

No one's actually told you "it's not you, it's me" when asking for a reason of the breakup, amirite?

Instead they use, "let's just be friends," or some bs like that.

If texting had been around 80 years ago: "Hey sum negro whistled at a white women so were gonna go lynch him u wanna come?" "Sure ill b there in a few mins" "Kkk", amirite?

I recommended this for POTD smirk smilie

The kid from two and a half men is too old now. They should call it three men. Or just cancel it, amirite?

Definitely cancel it.

Saxophone players can blow... Drummers can bang... But trombone players can do it in 7 positions, amirite?

Trumpet players can finger and blow at the same time hello smilie

You still use ice cube trays. amirite?

Holy crap. Completely even.

You don't get much sleep the night before the end of the year exam, amirite?
That awkward moment when the 600000th post isn't even in amirite format, amirite?

I call post 654321.

I also homepaged this. That's three so far wary smilie