Those with $WAG should totally mention it on their McDonalds application, amirite?
Politicians could learn a thing or two from Disney movies, amirite?

Obviously politicians should dress up in their father's war gear and go to war for him and fall in love with a man and then lose his trust by letting him find out that he/she is a politician and then gain his trust back by dressing up as women with her/his new found war friends and saving the emperor of China.

It would be awesome to eat a grain of rice the size of an apple, amirite?

sooooooo basically a potato


Read that in this voice. Also, I'm in tears from laughter. YouTube video thumbnail

Texting is essentally a sequence of strategically placed "haha"s so that you sound friendly and non-aggressive, amirite?
@Scientist I never use haha. But that's because my mom and I don't typically hold conversations. It's more of a quick "Do you...

My last text to someone other than my mom was August 5th. They wanted to know when the Curiosity landing was. Before that was July 29th from a girl who informed me that after watching The Big Bang Theory all day that I am exactly like Sheldon.

If we were invaded by aliens and they tried to start a war with us, Obama would be able to handle the situation much better than Romney, amirite?
@Runy I don't think anyone on this planet would be able to handle that well at all, but I don't have faith in humanity.

Nonsense. We'll be okay once we start training 6 year olds to run the military and find a genius kid or two.

It's ridiculous when people think masturbating is cheating. Everyone does it. I should be able to sue my school for kicking me out of my exam room, amirite?
Happiness in intelligent people is one of the rarest things you know, amirite?
Why do teachers always seem to blame the fact that they can't handle their classes on the time of day? E.g. "Come on guys, I know it's Monday morning"; "Come on guys, I know it's Friday afternoon"; "Come on guys, I know it's 9:23 on a Thursday"; amirite?
@Favvkes Saturday: "I know it's the weekend, but .... wait...... wtf are you doing here?"

Wait. I would like to commemorate this moment.
The comment seen around the site!
The comment which marks a new beginning!
To mark the endless, sleepless nights!

For on the penultimate day of March,
Favvkes made a comment that
Turned the heads of amiriters
As there was no picture of a cat!

So far and wide the news did spread
As we sing the song of the sure,
"Today, Favvkes has turned a new leaf,
Making a comment without using imugur!"

Everything is easier said than done, except talking... That's about the same, amirite?

Assisting a thistle-sifter's sister to sift thistles through a thistle-sieve is easier done than said

You're excited for J.K. Rowling's new book, amirite?

I hope it's as good as her Twilight stuff.

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When one person commits an atrocity, it is considered a crime and is met with punishment. When millions of people commit atrocities, it is considered a culture and is met with tolerance, amirite?
@AtheisticMystic I think it's all according to each nation's (or individual's) morals. And I think a good way to measure the right...

I am neither agreeing nor disagreeing with this comment, simply providing food for thought. What if the dirt-poor civilizations are actually on the better path? What if it's wrong to have such extravagance and power. Maybe we just tell ourselves it is because that's what we have. (Forgive me if you've answered this before.)