AIDS patients: Don't fuck with them, amirite?

-Are you sure we shouldn't fuck with them?
-I'm not just sure, I'm HIV Positive.

I've just come up with the perfect name for the awkward shuffle where you and the person walking towards you don't know which way to go around each other: walkward, amirite?
You wash your hair every second day, not everyday, amirite?

It's actually healthier to not wash your hair for a few days.

When you were younger in the 1990's, the 'cool kids' wore nice clothes, were basically always serious, and thought kiddy 'things' were lame, but the 'cool kids' now like to color, are crazy, and like ninjas and other odd things, things that we thought before were lame. amirite?

This sounds like something that would be on MLIA...

On a first date, it's fair to assume that each person will pay for themselves (i.e. own movie ticket). Only when you're exclusive is it okay to let the other person pay for you. In a heterosexual couple, it should be okay for the boy to pay for the girl and the girl to pay for the boy, amirite?

The person who asked for the date should pay.

Girls: You wonder how guys put on deodorant, when they have armpit hair blocking the way, amirite?

Guys: this is why you think girls are stupid, amirite?

You know, it would have been much easier for Bruno Mars to use a keyboard to serenade his girl instead of hauling around a giant friggin piano. Amirite?
People complain too much on airplanes. like "For real? I cant get hi speed internet?! AND MY CHAIR DOESNT LEAN BACK!" .... "Dude, you are sitting in a chair... IN THE GOD DAMN SKY!", amirite?

I feel like the people behind me get pissed when I lean my seat back.

Chris Colfer (the gay guy on glee) is actually pretty attractive, amirite?

Neil Patrick Harris is attractive and also gay.

Quick way to piss off people on MLIA; go to comments and post 'pics or it didn't happen', amirite?

That would require creating an account. I'm not stooping to that level.

It's weird that I once forged a break-up letter between the guy I love and his girlfriend and put it in his locker, amirite?

Wouldn't he just confront her and realize that she didn't want to break up?

Chris Hansen should help Rebecca Black's confusion and tell her to have a seat over there, amirite?

I like how he tells the people they're free to leave but then they get busted by the cops as soon as they go outside.

You're black and your ancestors were slaves? Sorry, I didn't realize I was offending you. What's that? You're Jewish and your ancestors experienced the Holocaust? My bad. Huh? Your Irish? Protestant?Native American? Japanese? Chinese? Gay? Handicapped?A women? A man? Adopted? Abused? Ya know what... everyone's ancestors were persecuted at some point. It doesn't mean everyone owes you now. Amirite?

I really like this post.

Your dick is bigger than three inches, amirite?

I don't see why girls would bother voting on this post.

A woman in Bosnia was able to save five out of the six puppies that the puppy thrower threw in the river. The woman who rescued them should be given the honor to execute the puppy thrower, amirite?

That's a bit over the top isn't it?