You probably already took the picture that's going to displayed at your funeral, amirite?

That implies it's a selfie.

There would probably be a lot more vegetarians and vegans if animals could talk to us, amirite?
@Thenaturelover Depends on what they would say. Id eat a cow if all it asked for was grass.

Have you ever seen videos of pet cows? They're so affectionate, they're practically just big puppies with hooves.

The kindest people on Earth are fast food workers who slip in extra nuggets, amirite?
@Cleverdave Which restaurant do you work at?

Same one as you if the username checks out

For depressed people, walking around with a mouth covering is a nice way to not have to worry about forcing smiles when you really don't want to. amirite?
Some people have been killed by consuming excess energy drinks. Redbull gave them wings. amirite?

This is next level dad lol

School is good, the school system is bad. amirite?

More accurately, learning is good. School is one of many ways to learn.

People spend thousands of dollars to conceive a baby "naturally" because their bodies reproductive systems fail them, but they could simply let go of the nonexistent significance of sharing DNA and adopt a child to truly help someone in need of love and family. amirite?

Literally the stupidest thing I've read today. Come on man

On the hottness scale, A British 10 is an Australian 7 or 8, amirite?

Or follow the shoes sizes

People in the Star Wars universe referring to their starfighters as X-Wing and Y-Wing while not even knowing the latin alphabet makes no sense. amirite?

That's... a really good point

If there was a GTA India, killing a cow would probably be an automatic five stars. amirite?

Instead of a drug business you'd have an underground butcher shop

You have probably walked past someone in your life who was living their last day, amirite?
You have probably walked past someone in your life who was living their last day, amirite?
There's gonna be a lot of dudes with long hair next year, amirite?
Among us in public servers really shows the stupidity of some people, amirite?
Bayley is considered hot because of her rear end, amirite?
@Framie1 who is bayley

Some thot with a nice ass.