The song "I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus" is about Dad wearing a costume, but we perpetuate to children the idea that Mommy is a cheater instead. amirite?

Reaching a bit on that one

Voldemort has a better fov because he has no nose, amirite?
Bad parents end up teaching more than good parents, amirite?


Keyword, BAD

They teach you to be afraid of coming home after school, to walk quietly so you dont attract attention, to hide everything out of fear of repercussion. They dont teach useful things, just detrimental behaviours that can have a lasting effect on your life.

Loud farts are your intestines exhaling heavily because they're upset at your choices. amirite?
@Iapetus-11 Farting doesn't mean you ate bad food. They're actually a health sign. Not farting may be a sign of something not...

Idk why people think farting is bad. You're right, it's normal and healthy. Also if you wanna fart less just burp more, air has to go out of one or the other hole.

Our life is the opposite of a banana's. We're cared about when not enough ripe and when too ripe, but not in the middle. amirite?

Go to bed .

Mr Bean has never performed an unsuccessful surgery, amirite?
@Killerzac But have you performed one? He has

He has? Then his 100% success rate is much more important than mine. He's performed more than two million times as many surgeries as I have.

Even if we were all the same race, humans would still find reasons to hate each other based on superficial factors. amirite?

We are all the same race

If you run fast enough on a treadmill you could power it, amirite?

Some of them work like that

Male protagonists in films/series almost always have no facial hair, amirite?

They're the stupid try to achieve perfection.

Uno must be hard to play in Spanish speaking countries. amirite?

Before Uno there was an extremely similar game, we had to proclaim "last card!"

It is possible to become older than your older sibling. amirite?

Yeah if they die, heard this riddle before.

people with faster reaction speeds are living ahead of you, amirite?

Faster reaction doesn't mean best or wisest reaction, so I'm not too worried about it.

Steve Winwood left a lot of money on the table by never doing an endorsement deal with Miller High Life. amirite?
@pinkfishtaco No, Steve Winwood.

"Back in the High Life, again."

Gravity is heavier when you first wake up. amirite?
There's an alternate timeline where Willy Wonka just falls and dies at the start of that movie, amirite?

Do you have a video link because i would watch that on a loop?