About me.


Last name Finna, first name Ed,
After I write this I'm goin to bed.
I like hip hop and rap,
And football and star wars
Favorite movies: Forest Gump and
biggest lion king fan, truly yours.

I've been on amirite for over a year,
Not sick of it yet so I'm still here
Whenever I go on and I'm bored
I head over to the chat
That's where I met some've my OG's
fake siblings Liam and Cat.
Speaking o cat, I met her and her man max, it was supa ballin
Then I chilled with the nig to my nog who i hugged named colin
Talked with more along the way
like my bone thug lovin homegirl named dre
Then theres royoryoy whose a big ol' hunk
And Katie my Lady, also goes by DoosDrunk
Plus I know dis hoe named Jodaddy
who wants to rap battle me
One swell guy goes by Shadi or Chauncy
and this babe named Carter really wants me.
Russy is tough, don't wanna mess with him,
Dan's the birthday boy so why not put him in.
And how could I forget J double N
If he was a japanese hooker he'd cost a million yen
Drew is tha man there is no one greater
Jade has nice blue eyes but don't look like darth vader
Adam is my epic home boy who's awesome yet modest
And finally Kash has the golden face of a goddess
Skylar is ma rap buddy and y'all need to quit hatin'
On my girl who whips her hair she goes by da name of Caitlin
Kellie's my bff twas a pleasure to meet you,
And Caleb, in any face-off I'll forsure beat you.
its obvious Bre has a pretty awesome taste in music
and Zen&me have the best friendship, we'll never lose it.
I gotta thank dennis for lettin me in his thug bug clan
And i dedicate this rap to my home slice hamz
My favorit hobby would be tumblin @ Mary
The faces me and shelb make late at night are funny but scaary
A pretty chill mod who's nice to me is amy,
a pimp named mike_hawk got nudes of gay me,
most importantly, there's a funny girl from chat named Val
and Kayla is awesome & fashow my true blood pal
A shout out to taja, who i might hit up in vegas some day,
and to jordan who likes being naked, but not in a weird way.
One of these days I'll watch a movie with jami,
And i lav meggy but, can you really blame me melmelmelmelmelmelmelmelmelmelmelmelmelmelmelmelmelmelmelmelmelmelmelmelmelmelmelmelmelmelmelmelmelmelmelmelmelmelmelmelmel