Luck surpasses wisdom and intelligence. amirite?

Nah, I think with enough wisdom AKA information and intellect, you could calculate every outcome ever. Luck wouldn't even be a thing

Everyone has a wide ass forehead once you start paying attention to it, amirite?

My ass doesn't have a forehead, my head does.

The annoying thing about being high iq is constantly having profound ideas but no one to share them with because most people don't understand, amirite?
It is easy to lie without lying with staistics, amirite?

Oh yeah? 100% of women think I'm attractive 🥲

Billionaires usually have a small number of kids, because keeping the family small helps to maintain the family fortune. amirite?

Doubtful. If you have a billion dollars you're not going to worry about how much an extra kid costs. And it's not like your kids are entitled to any of your money outside of basic living expenses. Money gets put into trusts or it gets doled out.
If anything, I would guess that strata of wealth have more children and more family because they are at liberty to support them

At some point all the kids doing egg hunts were themselves an egg hunt, amirite?
Kinda weird that there isn't just free drinking water everywhere. amirite?
@Larny2019 Same goes for the entire US lol.

But! They can charge you for the cup or the service of filling up your own.

Sunlight is the one natural resource humans have not contaminated. amirite?

Smog: am I a joke to you?

We always talk about dick size, but never width or height. amirite?
@Stereotypesexist It's super weird that women discuss this stuff. I've never in my life had a discussion with another guy about a...

Makes a lot of sense why guys are self-conscious about their size when women discuss down to this level of detail.

You might have already taken the picture that is going to be used at your funeral, amirite?

Who puts pictures at funeral? That ain't no graduation lol

A corndog is a popsicle if you don't cook it. amirite?
@Missannthropic What about copdicle

I had one of thoes once. It's not frozen and it hurts quite a bit

If you were to go the speed of light you would probably go blind due to matching the light speed hitting your eye, amirite?

Nope. You would still c

Dogs love you more unconditionally than humans and yet we treat dogs less than humans. amirite?

You* treat your dog less than human. I treat my baby like the king he is. He doesn't even need a leash anymore for walks

People laugh about how cats love boxes, but if there was suddenly a box bigger than you in your living room, you'd probably go in it too. amirite?
People are more willing to donate to millionaire Twitch streamers than give a homeless person money. amirite?

It's like saying:
People are more willing to buy a chocolate bar than give money a homeless person.

It's true. But it's not like you never bought a chocolate bar yourself. You still paying for something that makes you happy