In 2006, astronomers sought to better define the heavenly bodies in our universe and unfortunately, Pluto lacked some of the characteristics to be in the same class as Mercury, Earth, or the rest of the eight. Though many of us think of this as a stupid decision, we have to realize that demoting Pluto wasn't their intention: they didn't planet that way, it just happened, amirite?

I managed to grow up, go to college, get a job, get married and raise two children in the time it took this post to get to the punchline.

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Girls: When they have best friends, there is usually a huge contrast between each others looks. E.g. One is pretty, the other isn't as pretty, amirite?


"You hipsters are all the same with the long hair and the tattoo of a chinese symbol on your wrist. Why don't you go check out the Asian kid in the library with the bowl haircut and thick rimmed glasses studying to be a doctor and missing every party? He's the one that really doesn't care what you think." -Dr House. I think he is right, amirite?

I was studying to become a doctor before studying to become a doctor was cool.

I think there is more good than evil in this world. It's just that a bomb sounds louder than a hug. amirite?

Not the way I hug people hello smilie

They made Little Red Riding Hood into a romantic movie about werewolves? What next? The Three Little Pigs is a story of love and betrayel? amirite?


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Sanchez is a cooler last name than Harrison, amirite?

My suicide note will be a print-out of this page.

For some inexplicable reason, a huge number of people on the internet cannot manage to spell "definitely" correctly, amirite?
I should purchase an Air Guitar on ebay, it is only $600 dollars, seems like a good deal, amirite?

u can shut yo mouth go buy sum sens theyr nt in da 99p shop enymor u dun no wut ur sayin so u best b quiet o i wil find out wher u live n rob u o btw remember i no ur secret

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If you're not eating Ramen Noodles with chopsticks, then you're not eating it right, amirite?

i think you mean....

if you're not eating ramen noodles, you're not eating right :P

So many 12 year old sluts these days, amirite?

And so little time hello smilie

What's worse than ten babies in one bin? One baby in ten bins, amirite?

What's the difference between a pile of dead babies and a hot dog?

I don't jizz on my hotdog before I eat it.

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