New Moon has the same entertainment value of porn since most went to see it just because Taylor Lautner was shirtless most of the time, amirite?

acting quality is the same as porn too=P

A dog truly is mans best friend. A dog knows all your secrets. A dog has seen you cry. A dog is always there for you when youre hurting. A dog is your shoulder to cry on. A dog will love you if youre, fat, skinny, ugly or beautiful. A dog is there whenever youre lonely. And thats why you cry so hard when your dog dies. amirite?

dogs >> cats

pro-abortion people stop posting about it, amirite?

um its called pro choice anyway, im fairly certain no one is for the killing of babies, people are for the right to choose based on the environment they are in.

"Sorry, there's just too many people being right at the moment. Please try again in a few minutes." but what about the people who are horribly wronge. amirite?
its funny how girls think guys are so complicated and guys think girls are so complicated, people should just keep it simple and save everyone else some drama, amirite?
@Girls don't think boys are complicated, just stupid. ;)

haha well i mean we kinda are sometimes=) oh well!

FTW should be ''for the win'', amirite?

Swear words make everything so much more fucking funnier, amirite?

love your grammar