Making sims cheat on each other is fun, amirite?

I always marry the richest sim and cheat on him with all the other sims. Sometimes I lock them in rooms by taking the doors out so they don't get caught woo-hooing

Robin Hood was robbin' the hood, amirite?
Life is not all beer and skittles, amirite?


How the hell did the guys who climbed Mt. Everest ever get down? amirite?
Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are secretly togther, amirite?
It seems like nick@nite celebrates everything with a George Lopez marathon, amirite?
Mustached Trash is a cool name for a band, amirite?
It's pretty weird when you see a post that has more comments than votes. amirite?
It's weird to think that you were once shoved headfirst through someone's vagina, amirite?
Its not really quitting if you intend on coming back, amirite?

Yup. It's all part of my
master plan.

You still use "Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally" sometimes in math, amirite?

Parentheses first, exponent next
Multiplication and division in the same step
Addition and subtraction if you have the nerve
From left to right
First come, first serve.
That's how I learned it o.O

I should just kill myself already, Nobody needs me and I will probably grow up to be some stupid fuck working at walmart, I should just slit my wrists and stop bothering people. amirite?
The twilight vs Harry Potter war is getting old, amirite?

Yeah, considering Harry p. Already won it.

This can be the only explanation: Worm 1: "Feel that? It's raining." Worm 2: "Wanna go on the sidewalk and die?" Worm 1: "God yeah", amirite?