YouTube video thumbnail i was hoping someone would get the reference

who gives a fuck about an oxford comma?

Nothing is more disappointing than looking at your family tree and finding out that you're the sap

this made me giggle real hard

If you don't have anything nice to say, say it anonymously, amirite?

thanks! now how about amirite for droid?

No one ever says 'You look nice. Gotta hot date?' when you actually do. amirite?

because i never have a hot date... hahaha

Amirite is a great site to get great facebook posts, amirite?

Except for this post!

It is absolutely awesome when a show that you like comes back from a season break. amirite?
Half of the music out there today is either about love or heartbreak. And almost every artist has at least one. It seems like a requirement to get into the music business. amirite?

I don't know, love seems like a very deep, strong emotion that inspires song lyrics more than most things we experience in life. But I do agree that there are a lot of songs about love out there. :)

Kindles take the fun out of everything about books, amirite?

It's not like the quality of the words you are reading is any different, like it is listening to music on a cd compared to vinyl or cassette. And it saves money and saves paper. Anyway, I use a nook and still go to the library and check out books as
well. But I don't smell them or climax when I turn the damn page.

You feel kind of accomplished when you decipher a particularly tricky personalized license plate, amirite?
It feels good to have a very small child wander around your back, amirite?

This is creepy...

Its super annoying when you are listening to your iPod secretly in class in one ear and about the first 5 songs on shuffle are songs that either only have the vocals on that side of the earphones or only the drums or only the bass or something like that. amirite?
Max Bemis of Say Anything is a musical genius. amirite?
@FlipFlopsAndSocks I'm jealous you get to see them in concert. He's an amazing poet and in my top three favorite artists.

he is my absolute favorite. so talented, inspirational, and so dedicated. the effort he makes to connect with and communicate with his fans is spectacular. not to mention every song he writes is golden. he is just a wonderful man =] his wife sherri is a very lucky lady! and i've seen him three times in the past year! =D

the price is right is like half the reason i stay at home from school some days

Insulting fat people about their weight inspires them to lose weight, or commit suicide. Either way food gets saved and this excess food can be used to feed starving children in Africa. So insult fat kids; do it for the African children, amirite?

i know this post is a joke, but it's extremely sad because some people actually think its okay to make fun of overweight people to the point of suicide.