If it won't matter a year from now, it shouldn't matter now either, amirite?
Fathers should teach their sons how to treat girls. They should teach them to treat girls the way they would want their daughters treated. It's pretty simple.

Same with mothers teaching their daughters how to treat men. I see too many girls who think it's OK to slap their guy friends over the dumbest stuff just because they're guys.

Greatest man in history, named Jesus, had no servants, yet they called him Master. Had no degree, yet they called him Teacher. Had no medicines, yet they called him Healer. He had no army, yet kings feared Him. He won no military battles, yet He conquered the world. He committed no crime, yet they crucified Him..... He was buried in a tomb, yet He lives today. amirite?
I think the concepts of "reverse" racism and "reverse" discrimination are dumb, because it doesn't matter who is being targeted, it's still racism or discrimination. It's not "less wrong" because the minority is discriminating against the majority.

Good lord, I agree so much with this post. I face-palmed so hard during an argument that I almost wound up in the ER (not really). We were arguing about sexism, and she kept saying it's impossible for men to be discriminated against, and kept using the word "reverse-sexism".

Some people have argued that women make better parents than men and that this is a natural instinct that arises as a result of childbearing. I don't think this is true, though. I think men can be just as good at parenting and in some cases, make even better parents than women do.
@drhannah Key phrase would be in some cases. Majority of the time, women have a stronger connection with their child.

Everybody look closely. This is blatant sexism that we are told to ignore simply because it's a woman being sexist. Yours honestly going to sit there and say youre more likely to be a better parent because you have a vagina. Do not give me that connection/ birth/ breast feeding crap it's a child that's half mom half dad that can be raised by one or the other or any balance percentage in-between.

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@AndyBlacksmith That's a very true statement. I just don't feel like taking guns out of honest peoples hands who just want them for...

Because it's not like places that have extremely high gun ownership have less crime (they do)

Criminals don't follow laws and there will be a black market for literally everything. What that leaves you with is armed criminals and victims with no way to protect themselves.

You have at one point wondered if every other human in the world wasn't alive, and that they were activated by your presence somehow; that you were the only person truly experiencing consciousness, Amirite?

WTF, no.That's some semi-deep thought you've got there.

You like penises like you like your pizza: 12 inches long, in your mouth, and covered with cheese, amirite?

I'm straight and I'm a guy, so yes.

Sometimes i cant tell if its thundering or if the garbage man is outside. amirite?

Why did you put I? We don't know what you think, you'r supposed to put "sometimes you can't tell if it's thundering or if the garbage man is outside, amirite?"

The difference between America and a block of cheese is that the cheese would grow a culture after a couple of centuries, amirite?
@Catbaaned It's funny because the American culture dominates the world.

Stupid American. I can't wait until the day when the weight of your American arrogance and greed comes crashing down on top of all you overweight neanderthals. Every major civilization reaches its breaking point, and yours is right round the corner. Then we will see how much your so called culture dominates. And when that day comes, when you're drowning in the filth of your society, trying desperately to cling to the power you once held, when world finally rejects your toxic culture, when America is in ashes, then you all have my permission to fucking die.

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It's weird that society believes female breasts are okay to publicly show, as long as the nipples are covered, but men can openly show their nipples. They are not so different that one is more 'obscene' than the other. amirite?

You are being ignorant by posting this. you dont know enough about what you are saying to talk about it. womens breast are covered because they are mad for breast feeding and sexuality. when people are having sex the breast emits a sexual hormone so no matter what our "society" says its a scientific fact that breasts will always be in some way associated with sex. mens breast do not give off this hormone thus are not seen as something to cover. also whats done is done and even if you wanted to a major change in society such as making female breasts an ok everyday non sexual thing would take at least a decade to actually notice a difference.

Why is the ideas that Greek mythology held any less believable than those in which have become the dominant in society today? amirite?
@Naggs Also, the ancient gods were cruel and had many human characteristics (i.e they were greedy and jealous, petty and...

"I'll slaughter thousands of little boys to punish one man, scare the crap out of another guy by almost making him kill his son to see if he likes me, oh, and if they don't worship me, I'll torture them in hell forever."


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People who play games on their phone should not be considered "mobile gamers", amirite?

They should be called "Filthy Casuals".

As long as she doesn't force him to financially support the kid or her (if she chooses to give up her career) after it's born.