Your internet addiction is getting alt of ctrl, amirite?

As long as you're careful. Remember there are creeps who want to F12 year olds.

Your internet addiction is getting alt of ctrl, amirite?

Is that a bunny Hitler?

One day, nobody will ever remember you existed. In that sense, it's almost like you never existed at all, amirite?

Just cuz someone doesn't know you doesn't mean you never existed.

You know who this person is, amirite?

If I posted this, there is no way this would be homepaged. I guess i'm not as cool as favvkes.

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Has anyone noticed that there aren't many play-places at fast food restaurants anymore? Probably because none of those kids chowing down on burgers and fries can fit through the tunnels, amirite?
Just because someone has cancer does not automatically make them "beautiful", at least aesthetically. Just because someone is in a gay relationship does not automatically make them in love. Someone with a disability is not automatically a better person than someone who is able. Facebook groups promoting these ideas need to shut the fuck up, amirite?
"Woodchuck" sounds more like a bird than a groundhog. Amirite?

...It's not a bird? :O

You hate it when you see two people arguing on the internet and the argument coming from the person you agree with sucks, amirite?
@Jay_Wintermoot This doesn't make sense. Why would you agree with an unsound argument? After all, you're supposed to evaluate the...

The hell? I get downvoted for asking a question? Well, FUCKYOUTOO. It would've been different if I disagreed with the post because of my misunderstanding, but I didn't. So it's obvious my question was motivated by an honest quest for clarification. Seriously, Fuck You.

It would be awesome to have a time machine so you could go back in time and see all the awesome bands likes Nirvana and Queen. amirite?

Frank Zappa

Girls: your keys are about one percent key, and ninety-five percent key chains, amirite?

What about the other 4%?

Cheating on someone is a good indicator that you should not be with that person, amirite?
@Frank_n_Furter Cheating is natural, humans aren't naturally monogamous. Just because you cheat on someone doesn't mean they're not...

What the fuck are we arguing about? I got lost once Colebowl said she's okay with some other chick riding her boyfriend's dick.

You love it when the time is the same number as your area code, amirite?

That's pretty cool. I spent a while wondering why I never thought of that, but then realized how 865 doesn't work.

Monday is when all the good TV shows come on. amirite?

Saturday Morning was once the greatest, for me it's sunday night.. because of family guy, american dad, the simpson, the cleveland show, and maybe king of the hill.